Open Source#

The Prism Pipeline 2 core application and certain plugins are open source under the LGPL v3 license. You can use it for free in commercial and non-commercial projects.

Commercial plugins#

To use the full potential of Prism 2, you can extend the features in Prism with commercially available plugins.

To install and use these commercial Prism plugins a Prism Plus or Pro license is required. The licenses are connected to your Prism account and managed by an online licensing system. By default each studio/team uses one Prism account and all artists in the team will acquire a license from the same Prism account.

When you launch Prism for the first time, you will be asked to login with your Prism account. After logging in Prism will use one available license from the Prism account. You can login with the same Prism account on multiple computers as long as there are licenses available in the account. For acquiring and validating the license an internet connection is required.

To see how many licenses you have available you can open the Prism Settings window. Under “Users” -> “General” you can click on the gear icon in the Prism account section. This will open a new window where you can see your available licenses and who is currently using a license. You can logout license users and if you have multiple license types available you can also acquire a different license type in this window.


Using access tokens#

Access tokens provide a way to login into Prism without a username and password.

An access token is an automatically generated token consisting of letters and numbers. This token can be generated after you logged in into Prism with your user account name and password. The access token can be used to logging on other computers using a license from the account who generated the access token. By sharing this access token with team members you can give them access to licenses connected to your Prism account, without sharing the account password. Users who logged in using an access token don’t have permissions to view and manage the account licenses and access keys.

To generate a new access token open the Prism User Settings. In the “General” tab you can click the gear icon to open the “Manage Licenses” window. In the “Access Tokens” tab you can create and remove access token for your Prism account.


To login using an access token, click the 3 dots next to the password field in the Prism login window. Here you can select “Login with with access token”.


License File#

A license file can be used to specify license information for one or multiple workstations and to skip the manual login in the login dialog. This can be useful when automating the setup of workstations like on a renderfarm.

To use a license file set the environment variable PRISM_LICENSE_FILE to a json filepath, where you want to save the license file. For example C:/files/prism_licenses.json. This file doesn’t need to exist yet.

There are two ways how to add content to the license file. If you know the mac addresses of your workstations you can manually add it to the json file. The easier way is to launch Prism when the PRISM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable in defined. Prism will then create the file if it doesn’t exist and add it’s mac address to it.

The structure of the license file looks like this:

    "default": {
        "access_token": ""
    "workstations": {
        "F2:C9:AB:0A:7A:29": {
            "name": "WS-001",
            "access_token": ""
        "FB:97:23:4D:6D:55": {
            "name": "WS-002",
            "access_token": ""

Now you can edit the file in a text editor and fill out the access_token field for the workstation. To generate an access token see here. You can also specify an access_token under the default key. It will be used by workstations, which don’t have an access_token assigned under the workstations key. Only access tokens can be used in license files at this point. Usernames and passwords are not supported because of security considerations as the license file is not encrypted.

If you are using offline licensing you can specify an activation_code in place of the access_token.

Offline Licensing#

If you require offline licensing, please contact the support.