Prism Pipeline 2.0


Prism is a pipeline software aimed at organizing and automating workflows of animation and VFX projects.

One key aspect of Prism is that it is very artist friendly and easy to use. No programming skills are required to setup and to use Prism, which make it the perfect tools for teams and individuals, who want to focus on the creative parts of a project.


Prism Pipeline 2.0 is currently in beta and it’s intended for testing purposes. However you are free to use the beta version in production at your own risk. Features might get added, changed or removed before the production release.

For feedback and questions please contact the support:

Supported Software

Prism can be used as a separate software (standalone), but most of the time you will use Prism inside of DDC apps (Digital Content Creation Application). For details about which DCCs and versions are supported, check out the Plugins page.