I have a problem or a question about the workflow in Prism. How can I get more information?#

Contact the support using one of the following options:

I want to test Prism 2.0, but I’m working on a project, which uses Prism 1.x. Can I have multiple Prism versions installed at the same time?#

Yes you can install different Prism versions to different locations on your computer. Prism 2 saves it’s user preferences separated from the preferences of Prism 1. Only the startmenu shortcuts and the DCC integrations are referencing to a specific Prism version. To switch your Prism version execute the Win_Setup_Startmenu.bat and the Win_Setup_Startmenu.bat in your Prism installation folder of the Prism version which you want to use.

Is it possible to open Prism 1 projects with Prism 2?#

It is possible to open Prism 1 projects with Prism 2, but some newer features will be unavailable when working with a Prism 1 project.
We’re not testing every new feature with Prism 1 projects, so there might be a higher chance of running into technical problems.
Therefore we recommend to start a new project with Prism 2.

Is Prism 2.0 open source?#

The Prism 2 core application and many plugins are open source under the GNU LGPL v3.0 license.
The code can be found on GitHub.

Which plugins are available open source?#

The following plugins for Prism 2 are available open source:

  • 3ds Max

  • Blender

  • Deadline

  • Houdini

  • Maya

  • Nuke

  • Photoshop

  • PureRef

Which plugins require a commercial license?#

The following plugins require a Plus or Pro license of Prism 2.0:

  • FTrack

  • Kitsu

  • Launcher

  • MediaExtension

  • OpenRV

  • Project Management

  • DaVinci Resolve

  • Shotgrid

  • Studio

  • Substance Painter

  • Texture Library

  • Unreal Engine

  • USD

  • ZBrush

Can I use the free version of Prism 2.0 for commercial projects?#

Yes you can use the free Prism 2.0 version for commercial projects.

I don’t have an active internet connection on my workstation. Can I still use Prism?#

An internet connection is required to install any plugins from the Prism Hub. You can install Prism and all plugins you need on a workstation with internet and then copy it to the workstation without internet. Plugins which are not open source require an active internet connection and cannot be used without an active internet connection. If you have a Prism Pro license and want to get access to offline licensing please contact the support.

How can I update my installed Prism version when there was an update released?#

You can update your Prism version in the Prism Hub. You can open the Hub from the “Options” menu in the Prism Project Browser. Alternatively you can download the latest installer and install it over the already installed Prism version.