Prism plans

Billing period: Monthly


Additionally to the plans above we offer custom support plans,
custom feature development and personalized training.

Details and features



Asset / Shot Management
Scenefile versioning
Import / Export Automation
Render / Playblast versioning
Customizable folder structure
Custom Hooks / Plugins


3ds Max
Media Extension-
Open RV-
Project Management-
Substance Painter-
Unreal Engine-


Community Support
Technical Support (Email)-
Technical Support (Discord)-
Fastest Response Times--
Video Call Support--
Remote Control Support--


Early Access to new Features--
Online Licensing
Offline Licensing-
Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can test and use Prism Plus for free for 30 days. If you need more time to evaluate Prism, please get in touch.

Are there discounts available for certain users?

Yes, we offer discounts for non-commercial and educational users. Please contact us to get an individual quote.

Can I mix Free, Plus and Pro licenses?

You can use as many free licenses together with your Plus/Pro licenses as you like.
It is not possible to mix Plus and Pro licenses. Once your studio uses a Pro license you cannot use any Plus license in the same studio.

Is it worth the price?

The goal of Prism is to let you create better projects in shorter time, which should save you money in the end.

To find out if a Prism license is worth the price in your specific case you can calculate this:
average salary in your team * percent of time saved through Prism

For example:
If the average salary in your team is 1000 EUR and Prism would save 5% of your artist’s time:
1000 EUR * 0.05 = 50 EUR

This is how much a pipeline is it worth in your case per user.

If you are in a developed country the average salary will be much higher and therefore your savings by using Prism would be higher as well.
If your artists salaries are lower than 1000 EUR please get in touch to discuss additional discounts.

The 5% saved time in the above example are already very pessimistic. In most cases 20% or even more are realistic.
If you cannot save at least 5% of time when using Prism you already have a very efficient workflow and you don’t need Prism at this time.

Do I need a pipeline for a small team or as an individual?
Even in a small team or as an individual artist you need to save your files. You probably know the feeling when you can’t find a specific file, which you saved the other day.
Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on the creative tasks in your project, don’t worry about where to save files and still have everything organized so that you can find files even months later?

Setting up Prism takes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require any technical skills.

What are the advantages of Prism compared to developing an in-house pipeline?
To develop an in-house pipeline you would need a lot of money and time. You would need a few TDs who are working for a few months if not years to develop a modern animation pipeline.
Then you need to test it in production, maintain it so it stays up-to-date with all the regularly DCC releases and if one of your core pipeline TDs decides to leave the studio you have a big problem.

Prism has been developed for years and tested in countless projects of all different types. Feedback of hundreds of artists has been implemented to provide you with an artist friendly pipeline, which works out of the box.
You don’t need to worry about keeping Prism compatible to the latest DCC versions, because we will take care of that for you.