The MaterialX editor for your pipeline

Open source, artist friendly and easy to integrate in your workflow

Artist Friendly

QuiltiX is designed with artists in mind.
The GUI is customizable and easy to use. View your materials with your preferred production renderer and let QuiltiX spot potential problems while you’re building your materials.

Open Source

QuiltiX is completely free and open source. Like many other open source projects it’s licensed under Apache license, which allows complete commercial use.

Pipeline Integration

QuiltiX can be integrated into existing studio pipelines like Prism to add additional features like library panels or publish processes.

Which platforms are supported?

QuiltiX has been tested on Windows, but should also work on Linux and Mac. We provide dependencies for Windows only. For Linux and Mac you need to use your own USD/MaterialX builds.

Is QuiltiX part of Prism?

No, QuiltiX is a standalone application, which can be used without Prism.
However Prism can be used in combination with QuiltiX to add options for opening files from libraries and saving versions of materials.
Other pipeline tools can provide similar features within QuiltiX.

Where can I get support or ask questions?

For bug reports, feature requests and questions, please use the GitHub repository linked above.