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Simple and intuitive layout

For artists

Prism is an easy to use CG Pipeline for artists. Everything you need is provided out of the box and accessible from intuitive user interfaces.

No technical knowledge is required.

File Management

Prism manages your complete workflow from the initial project setup to the final delivery.

All your files are being taken care of while providing you with full control to customize and shape your own workflow

Software integrations

Prism is integrated into many Animation and VFX applications, which provides you with an seamless workflow across all the departments in your projects.

Exchanging data between your tools has never been easier.

USD Logo Transparent

OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description)

USD Logo Transparent

OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description)

USD enables artists and studios to collaborate in completely new ways by making the workflow more interactive and scalable.
Almost every major DDCs has already some support for USD and invests heavily in this new technology.
In combination with MaterialX it is possible to transfer complete scenes with geometry, materials, lights, cameras, fur and more between different applications and renderers. 

Prism 2 has a deep integration with USD and MaterialX, which allows you to explore the workflows from tomorrow already today.

A large selection of plugins and integrations


3ds Max

Substance Painter



Media Tools






DaVinci Resolve

Unreal Engine






What our customers say about Prism

Mahmoud Ghali

Mahmoud Ghali

Co-Founder/VFX Supervisor, Monkeys

“Prism is designed to be artist friendly, it fits seamlessly into the VFX stack and practically connects the pipeline corners, it has been robust, reliable, and increased our productivity at Monkeys.”

Filippo Robino

Filippo Robino

CEO / VFX Supervisor, Alps Studios

“At Alps Studios, Prism has been an invaluable cornerstone of our workflow since we built and integrated it into our pipeline in 2020. We cannot overstate how thrilled we are with its performance. From the moment we started using Prism, it gracefully resolved all our pipeline challenges and enhanced our productivity exponentially. Best solution ever!”

Valentin "ValDo" Dornel

Valentin "ValDo" Dornel

Associate, CTO of Menhir FX

“At Menhir FX, Prism is the key stone of our studio, we are working with it since 2020 and can’t be happier about it. Without Prism we wouldn’t be able to deliver such a good quality of work!”

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