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List of feature ideas

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This posts contains a list of of ideas for features for future Prism updates.

This is NOT a list of features that are in development or that are planned in the near future. It is just a collection of ideas/requests from the community and from myself.

The order of features in this list has nothing to do with the priority or any kind of roadmap.

If you requested a feature already and it is not in this list, please let me know and I'll add it immediately.

For new ideas please open a new thread in the forum (NOT in this thread), so we can discuss it there. If the idea is clear and makes sense in the Prism workflow, I'll add it to this list.

If you have any notes, additions or questions to any of the points in the list, feel free to post in this thread.


[Prism support]

  • [0001] Prism support for Cinema 4D
  • [0002] Prism support for After Effects
  • [0003] Prism support for Premiere
  • [0004] Prism support for ZBrush
  • [0005] Prism support for Substance Designer/Painter
  • [0006] Prism support for Katana
  • [0007] Prism support for Blender 2.8 Done
  • [0008] Prism support for Blender on Linux
  • [0009] Prism support for Fusion on Linux
  • [0010] Prism support for FTrack
  • [0068] Prism support for DaVinci Resolve

The Python support in the free version of Resolve 15 is very limited. Currently a Prism integration would be possible for the paid version only.

  • [0076] Prism support for TVPaint
  • [0077] Prism support for Krita
  • [0078] Prism support for Autodesk Flame
  • [0086] Prism support for Kitsu
  • [0089] Prism support for Meshroom
  • [0093] Prism support for Photoshop on Mac Done
  • [0102] Prism support for Silhouette
  • [0104] Prism support for Clarisse iFX
  • [0105] Prism support for Zync Render
  • [0107] Prism support for Marvelous Designer
  • [0111] Prism support for SynthEyes
  • [0122] Prism support for RenderMan in Houdini/Maya



  • [0011] Option to cancel playblasts
  • [0098] Use current viewport style in playblasts
  • [0114] Export sceneobjects into a new asset and reference it back in



  • [0119] Import materials, actions and particles from .blend files


  • [0012] Prism nodes instead of States:

Prism nodes for imports, exports and rendering
The State Manager would be still available, but is not necessary to use. When a Prism node gets created in the network view, a state in the State Manager will be created in the background.
Allows to work with nodes instead of dialogs (closer to the typical Houdini workflow)

  • [0013] Convert Alembic cameras to Houdini native cameras

When a alembic camera is imported through the State Manager, it would be possible to transfer all camera parameters and animation to a native Houdini camera
If the camera was exported from Maya, convert the film gate to the resolution gate:

  • [0014] Support for wedge nodes
  • [0015] Support for takes
  • [0016] Global HDA folder

Project independent

  • [0082] Support for merge node with multiple connected ROPs

One state controls the settings for all ROP inputs of the merge node
In combination with feature [0081]

  • [0091] Use framerange from node for rendering and export
  • [0095] Copy import filepath parameter to clipboard so it can be pasted directly to other parameters


  • [0100] Improved support for COPs

  • [0108] Improvents to the PrismTmpCache node, e.g. version dropdown to load previous versions
  • [0118] Support for arbitrary rendering/export nodes | ability to set outputpath for export/render via rigthclick on parameter


  • [0017] Option to save scenefiles as .mb instead of .ma Done
  • [0018] Lock Shotcams after import
  • [0019] Customize namespaces before import Done
  • [0020] Option in the export state to ignore nodes with a specific type
  • [0070] .bgeo exporter for Maya

Integration of to Prism to improve the Maya->Houdini workflow

  • [0073] Support for quicktime playblasts including sound Done
  • [0079] Option to export namespaces Done
  • [0080] Popup message when user opens a scene outside of the project folder, which lets him set the Maya project location back to default
  • [0095] Save Prism data in a custom node instead of the fileinfo of a Maya scene

  • [0099] Apply alembic caches to Maya objects Done

  • [0115] Support for VDB import

Import them through Arnold and if Redshift is installed, give an option popup to let the user decide with Renderer to use to import the volume. This popup should have a checkbox to remember the selected option and use it automatically on the next vdb import.

  • [0132] Import references into current scene



  • [0021] Import geometry/cameras into Nuke

Eventually with some kind of State Manager in Nuke, which allows to import .obj files

  • [0022] List of imports

A tools which lists all read nodes in a nuke scripts with information of the version, taskname...
Option to change versions of multiple read nodes at once
Marked versions when a newer version is available
similar like the import list in the State Manager in 3d apps

  • [0023] Show existing tasknames on the WripePrism node

Similar to the dropdown of existing tasks in the State Manager

  • [0024] Option to select as which version to render

Option to select in which of the existing version the WritePrism node will render, similar to the option in the State Manager

  • [0025] Update range parameter on read nodes, when a new version gets imported in the same read node
  • [0026] Create an empty nuke comp for every newly created shot
  • [0101] Option to generate new comp scenes, which already have setup all existing renderings of the current shot



  • [0027] Import renderpasses, sort them correctly and set blending modes

Import all renderpasses and arrange them, that they add up to the correct beauty image



  • [0028] Pool option for Deadline jobs in the State Manager



  • [0029] Time tracker

Some kind of time tracking to see how much time an artist spent on a task or on a version

  • [0030] Search and filter options

Search options for scenefiles, exports, renderings... in the whole project based on keywords wildcard

  • [0031] Team chat

sending messages and notifications to other people in the project

  • [0032] Tabs for task categories

Tabs in the task list in the Project Browser for "3d", "2d", "Playblast" and "external"
Currently all categories are in one list, but with "(2d)" at the end

  • [0033] Delete/Archive entities

Option to delete and archive assets, shots, scenefiles, tasks, renderings...

  • [0034] Show only Assets/Shots with scenefiles from current app

This option would allow to hide all assets/shots in the Project Browser, which contain no scenefiles from the app, which is currently open

  • [0035] Project specific resolution override options Done

Option to define resolution presets per project, which will show up in all State Manager resolution lists (render/playblast resolution overrides)

  • [0036] Reorder entries in the "Collected Versions" list in the Project Browser

Up and down options for the currently selected entries in the "Collected Versions" list in the Project Browser

  • [0037] Edit comments on existing scenefiles Done

Option to modify the comment for scenefiles in the Project Browser

  • [0038] Additional renderoutputtypes

.jpg, .png, .tiff, multilayer .exr, .mp4

  • [0039] Create new external tasks/versions by drag&drop media files in the Project Browser Done
  • [0040] Files tab in the Project Browser

An additional tab in the Project Browser, which lets you browse your project directory
Bookmarks to navigate quickly to important folders like references or texture folder
preview of media and text files
drag & drop to import textures and assets into current scene

  • [0041] Export tab in the Project Browser

An additional tab in the Project Browser, similar to the Select Task dialog in the State Manager
Allows to browse all exports in the project
Option to import selected versions directly into the current scene (Import state in the State Manager would be created in the background)

  • [0042] Option to disable the warning for newer versions of an import

An option on the import state, that this state gets ignored, when a scene gets opened and Prism checks if newer import versions are available

  • [0043] View omitted shots and restore them

Dialog to show omitted assets and shots and restore them so that they will show up in the Project Browser again
Currently possible by editing the "omits.ini" file in the project

  • [0044] Set framerange of current shot from the framerange of the current scene
  • [0045] Export materials
  • [0046] Program icons in Project Browser list (instead of colors)
  • [0047] Option to define the version padding (how many digits a version has)
  • [0048] Update all scene imports at once on the warning dialog

When you open a scene, which has import states, which are outdated, a warn dialog shows up.
A button on this dialog to import all versions of all import states

  • [0049] Copy external assets to project folder

When publishing a scene Prism shows a warning when the scene contains assets, which are not in the Project Folder
Option for each asset to copy it to a specified location in the project
relink the parameter in the scene to the new location

  • [0050] Mark import states which are outdated directly in the import state list
  • [0051] Option to rename assets, shots, steps
  • [0052] Resizable lists in the Project Browser
  • [0053] Option to show omitted entities, when created again
  • [0054] Lock scenefile, when it is currently opened by another user
  • [0055] Project folder structure preset

Extended functionality for creating a folder structure for the project in the Create Project dialog
subfolder, load/save presets

  • [0056] Support for non ascii characters

Currently non-ascii characters in filepaths or object names cause problems with Prism

  • [0057] Multithreaded Project Browser

Better performance in the Project Browser through multi-threading (e.g. for preview loading)

  • [0058] Scene info panel in the Project Browser

A panel, which shows additional information of a selected scenefile
preview image, description, full username, dependencies

  • [0059] Improved dependency tracking

Track all dependencies through multiple scenefiles and rendering
Versions of all used assets in a final render should be accessible Done

  • [0060] Select multiple states in the State Manager and change parameters, which will affect all states

When multiple states are selected, the right side of the State Manager would show all parameters, which exists on all selected states
changing a parameter will change the parameter on all states

  • [0061] Improved USD support
  • [0062] Option to customize folder structure and filenames
  • [0063] Option to set a export/render directory, which is not included in the scenefile directory structure

In the project settings an external path (for example on another drive) can be defined
On export/render states there would be an option to choose if the generated files should be saved in the project directory or in the external path

  • [0064] More hierarchy levels in the shot list (e.g. for episodes)
  • [0065] Thumbnail for assets

Similar to the thumbnails for shots

  • [0066] Create mp4 from Playblast Done

A setting on the playblast state to convert and replace the .jpg files with a video file during the execution of the playblast state

  • [0067] Option to render current frame in State Manager / states
  • [0069] Save paths of external asset files to a text file in the Prism project during publishing
  • [0071] Auto sync latest version

Option to automatically copy the latest version of a scenefile to the global folder and delete the previously auto-synced file

  • [0072] HUD in playblasts

  • [0074] Frame formatting for renderings/playblasts/export

Example: 2-4, 7, 13, 30-45x2

  • [0075] Import multiple assets at once

Select multiple assets in the Task Selection dialog

Import an asset from the Task Selection dialog, but keep the dialog open

  • [0081] Sub-states in the StateManager

Sub-states inherit settings from parent state, but can override individual settings

  • [0083] Limit amount of scene and asset versions

If the limit is reached the last file gets overwritten or the limit gets adjusted

  • [0084] Allow multiple active projects

This would replace the current local/global system
Currently active projects could be main, archieve, local, renderfarm, library...

  • [0085] Color tags for entities

color tags for tasks, versions, steps, shots... could indicate the current status of the entity

  • [0087] Automatically copy latest local version to global folder

and remove all previous versions in the global folder (when they exist in the local folder)

  • [0088] Install integrations for all windows users

The installer should not use only the admin account locations as default installation paths for the Prism integrations, instead it should list paths for all user accounts

  • [0090] Option to remove frame padding or automatically remove it when only one frame will be rendered/exported
  • [0092] Option to set ffmpeg quality when converting videos
  • [0094] Option to modify the outputpath of states in the preRender hook
  • [0096] Option to enable "workfile - masterfile" workflow (like open pipeline) instead of always creating a new asset version
  • [0097] Option to disable the "Always on top" behavior, which Prism uses in some apps
  • [0103] Option to generate proxy images for the Project Browser preview for improved performance

  • [0106] Useraccounts and management of different permission levels (e.g. admin)
  • [0109] Asset catergories
  • [0110] Make DCC plugins available on all platforms even if the integration is not available on the OS
  • [0112] Column for creation date in the Project Browser for scenefiles

  • [0113] Search field for assets and shots in the Import Task dialog
  • [0116] Option to duplicate import states and the imported objects in the scene
  • [0117] Option to upload medias to shotgun without converting it to a proxy first

  • [0120] Option to link export/render versions to scenefile version

  • [0121] Option to generate a new scenefilepath from the file list in the Project Browser

  • [0123] Option to omit all entitytypes and toggle visibility from the "View" menu

  • [0124] Show the asset preview image somewhere in the import task window when an asset is clicked on or hovered over
  • [0125] Add ability to remove references from imported .ma files and import the assets directly into the scene instead of having to delete the import in the state manager and re-import the asset with 'import objects only' checked
  • [0126] Add ability to resize assets box horizonatally
  • [0127] Add 'open texture folder' button when right clicking an asset in the asset window to the 'texturefolderexample' plugin and have it go to that asset's texture folder
  • [0128] Hide Project Browser when taking an asset preview screenshot just like when clicking 'change preview' in the 'save with comment' window
  • [0129] Show enlarged asset preview image when double clicking the image
  • [0130] Add ability to clear recent projects list
  • [0131] Add file size tab to the files viewer box

You and the community have had some great ideas above...

Some things i would love:

1 Put Pictures or photos to the renderview without a task (for examples reference pictures) and:

2 show rendered pictures for a folder not only a asset ( which can be viewed in the render view directly (sometimes I need that to remind me what that project is about)

3 sometimes i just want to render one frame but i always need to set the range in the state manager (maybe choose between range and render current frame) and it would be nice to have a jpg output because of the filesize ( you mentioned already above)...

4 to be able to set the cache to another drive, so all the sims for example can be automatically saved there

5 would be nice to have a txt file saved with the warning you get when rendering while using a external HDRI or texture (just save the text in a file and put it in a folder inside of prism ( So i remember the name of the hdri even if i changed the location for example)

If you ve questions to any of the points above or my translation is a mess tell me and i ll try to explain..

I would love to see Da Vinci Resolve in the List up above ( i don t think fusion will get much love in the future ) and i really, really hope that blender 2.8 will soon be supported.

Thanks for your great work Richard..



well i guess it was a wrong folder, right? sorry i m always a little bit confused in forums ....

Yep, that was the wrong thread, but it's ok for now, just remember for the next time to open a new thread with your ideas.

Some questions to your points:

  1. What I do when I have a concept folder for example in 02_Designs\Concepts, I create a new asset in the Project Browser called "Concepts" and then I create a "external task" for that asset in the task list in the Project Browser. For the external task I can select my concepts folder and whenever I select the "Concepts" asset in the Project Browser, I see all the files from 02_Designs\Concepts in the preview and can open them in RV. I think that works quite well, but if there is a better way to integrate external images in the Project Browser I'm open to this ideas, too. But it's not clear to me how you would add images to the Project Browser without a task. What asset/shot would you select to see the images?
  2. You mean when a folder is selected, all tasks and versions of the assets in this folder should be shown in the task list?
  3. Good point, added.
  4. Do you want to set the path in the project settings and then every export gets saved in this directory or do you only want to save some exports/caches in a different folder?
  5. Wouldn't it be better to have a button, which copies the hdri to the project folder instead?
  6. I add that to the list. However I already looked into the Resolve integration, since I like the tool a lot and it got requested multiple times. Unfortunately the Python support in the free version is very limited. Currently a Prism integration would be possible in the professional version only.

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

1.yep, you re totally right. to be honest i didn t use external tasks. that solves my problem.

2.Well , when i think about it I m not sure. It may be very chaotic to have all Tasks on the folder structure. But maybe an option to create some kind of external Task (as mentioned on  1) . For example I also store Houdini tutorials inside of Prism and old stuff i ve done long ago. it would be nice to have a possibility to make a screenshot and view it from the folder ( because most of the times my naming is like "explosion", "explosion big" or other crap- and after 2 months i couldn t remember the naming but want to reopen the project again->then  i need half an our to open all folders look at the rendershot go to the next and so on...)

4. most of the stuff i m storing on my HDD but the SimData i put on the SSD. So i go in the folder copy the name open a folder on my SSD (name it after the PRISM Project Name--> to match the folders later on ) and save the files. Would be easy if i could enter it inside of prism.

5. for me it wouldn t be better. i would prefer to have a small information printed . My problem is not loosing of HDRI`s but often the link is broken because i change the folder structure or a name on my computer. Inside of the folders evth is well organized.  If i would have saved the HDRIs and all the textures twice - as a copy in the project - my HDD would start crying.

6. OK, didn t know that. that`s sad...



2. I think the best way would be to have an asset like "oldProjects". On this asset you can create an external task "explosions" and in this task you can create different external versions for "explosion-big" "explosion-trails"... Then you can click easily through all the different versions to see a preview of all you old explosions.

4. I added it to point [0063] because this point was very similar. Prism doesn't know if you export a big cache of a pyro sim or just export a rig. So there has to be an option on the export state where you can define in which location you want to save it.

5. Alright, added as [0069]

Hi Richard,

Once again thanks for all the hard work put into Prism. It's slowly becoming something we can't live/work without at our small studio.

I just thought since many of the points on the list is stuff I have requested I'll give you an update to what there is still a use for - from my perspective of course ? Here's my top 5:

  • [0004] Prism support for ZBrush
  • [0005] Prism support for Substance Designer/Painter
  • [0070] .bgeo exporter for Maya (bgeo supposedly loads much faster, and would be great to store houdini attrs directly in the export. Did you hear back from Paul Winex?)
  • [0038] Additional renderoutputtypes (would be awesome to have png as an option)

Maybe I missed it on the list, but 'automatically copy latest local file to global' would be such a time saver!


Misc notes:

  • [0013] Convert Alembic cameras to Houdini native cameras:
    (I have already done this based on a free asset I found, but it's heavily modified, so I hope it's ok to share. Let me know if you would like to use it for Prism.)

Great to hear that it's so heavily in use at your studio and thanks for the update on the priorities. Wouldn 'automatically copy latest local file to global' not just copy EVERY new local version to the global folder? Or would you want it delete the previous versions in the global folder?

No I haven't heard anything from Paul. Maybe he overlooked my mail. Feel free to write him a mail too.

If your cam converter is working good I'd love to add it to Prism. But the legal stuff should be clear before I add external tools to the main Prism toolset. Preferably would be the MIT open source license.

Hehe good point. Yeah just the latest version, then prism could delete the others - would be sweeeet!

I'll send Paul an email as well 🙂

Yes, that's important, I'll check with the guy who did it.

Added 'automatically copy latest local file to global' as [0087]

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