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StateManager empty in autosave file



I just noticed that when I open an autosave maya file, the stateManager is completely empty, not sure of what could cause that (using maya 2019)


Thanks !

You found a new bug, thanks for reporting it. I could reproduce this bug, but I'm not sure if I can do anything there.

It seems like Maya doesn't save custom fileinfo data in the scene during the autosave. I'll have a closer look at that, but for now you would have to copy the states from the previous scene and paste them in the autosave scene.

do you think you could create a PrismNode instead of relying on the fileInfo ?

taking animBot as an exemple, they create a dagNode called animBot which hold all the data of animBot.

I see these advantage :

the user can see that this scene is managed by prism.

the user can delete this node (whipping out prism data if needed)

the node can still work even if prism isn't installed (as an unknown node).

it actually recommended by the maya documentation to create your own node when you need to store custom data.

Yeah, that would be the cleaner and more correct way of doing that.

I have no idea how to create custom nodes in Maya and I don't think that animBot has made the source code available. But probably the Maya documentations explains that well enough.

Added as [0095]

luckily, it is very simple to do a custom node on maya you can do it in C++ and creating a dll or using openmaya with python.

this page have a complete exemple of a single node plugin :

or openmaya:

you would also need to ask maya for a pool of node id that you will ba able to use to avoid any conflict with another plugin (free and instant) :


Thanks for the links. I'll have a look at that process.