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prism workflow

hello guys,

I'm trying to graph the way to work with the prism. this to better understand its operation and help new users

I wait for your adjustments and tips

Thanks for creating this. It would be difficult to make a graph for all possible workflows. I try to keep Prism as flexible as possible so it can be used in various projects with different requirements. You can decide which pipeline steps, DCC apps and fileformats you want to use with Prism. It might be different for every team, but it's nice to see your preferred workflow in the graph.

Thanks for your reply Richard.

at the moment it is still not clear to me in what way I can handle the shaders and if it is possible publish and to manage versions through the prism

Unfortunately there is no app-agnostic standard for a complex material setup that includes an arbitrary combination of shaders, textures and object assignments with the exception of MaterialX/USD and even that one is still in it's early days in regards to publicly available app support. Your best bet would be to just use that native format of the app that you are going to be lighting with and then figure out what's the best approach to reference material setups.

forget to mention that I am using maya

i found this I do not know if it's possible to drive with prism


No, not exactly in this way. However you can import an alembic, apply materials and then update animation of the asset, while keeping the material and other changes you made previously.

Applying alembic caches to Maya objects would be a nice addition in the future.

it sounds good that way we can handle a still with the materials and connect the animation later



Quote from c17vfx on 8. April 2019, 21:09

i found this I do not know if it's possible to drive with prism

This is now possible with Prism. When you import an alembic file and you have objects selected in the current Maya scene, Prism will give you the option to apply the alembic as a cache to these selected objects.