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Nuke WritePrism node...High CPU

Hi Richard,

First off, thanks for sharing this awesome pipeline kit with us. It's been working out great here in our studio.

We noticed the second we drop a WritePrism node into nuke, it takes up a high amount of CPU...and on larger nuke scripts, it causes a significant amount of lag in the node graph. Anyone else getting this or is it an isolated case?

Windows 10 (1909) & Catalina experiencing the same issues. Nuke 12.0 and 12.1

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I just tested it on Win10 in Nuke 12.0v1, but here seems everything fine.

Is this just for a few seconds or does the cpu stay so high?

Do you have any other plugins installed, which might have an influence on that?

One thing you can try to debug this is to remove all the python expressions from the WritePrism.gizmo file to see if one of those are causing this.

If anyone else has this problem please let me know.

Hi RichardF.

I just started using Prism on a remote project (I am compositing on nuke) and there is alot of stuff I really like. Great work and awesome to offer it for free!

One thing I would like to be able, is to fix the render version in a nuke comp to the script version. I know both ways are valid, but it would be great to have the option to link these two version numbers. Maybe it could work with a preference or a checkbox in the prsimrender node.

Just as a thought or feature request 🙂

Best from hamburg, thanks again und bleib gesund,


Hey @magrafx

Yes that would a valid alternative way of working. Adding it on the PrismWrite node would be the easiest implementation. But usually you want to use that in the whole project, so I think the best place for this setting would be in the project settings. All DCC apps should support that not just Nuke, so it's a bit more work. I added it to the feature request list for now [0120]. Thanks for the feedback and feel free to open a new thread if you have more ideas.

Viele Grüße zurück nach Hamburg,


Hi Richard.

I see your point. I guess it would make sense to put it in the main prefs or a pipeline tool.
For my current project, the 3D has no problem to work with your implementation (I guess 3d artists are used to counting up versions into high numbers).

I think, I will have a look into your prismwrite node and might change it for my usage (I think there might be a after render callback in there to count up the version ...).

Thanks for your answer and I will write again, as soon as I think of something else.

by the way, the easy installation of prism is really awesome - it was unbelievable, to see it working seemlessly after installation. Great job on this end as well.