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File Time

It might be me working in the wrong way.

I have noticed if you revisit a project file for example version 01 and save it by accident it loses the original time this file was worked on.

I have this issue in general with windows, so I include the time in the name, for example, _T1800AUG28Y19.hip when working in a manual way.

Would it be possible for a prism to show the original time and date and last edited time and date as well?

The time and date is great to look back on to see how long it  complete tasks

hopefully the above makes sense?

The windows explorer has the option to display the modification date, but also the creation date of the file in a separate column. So there's no need to add that to the filename. Prism displays the modification date, but I could add another column for the creation date. However, I would hide that column by default, because two dates might be a bit confusing and not necessary for many people.

I added this feature as [0112] to the request list.

Thanks, Richard! that's great help sorry for the late reply