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full path with filename


First, thanks for your great work...impressive!

When working with custom files like CAD and similar it would be nice to still use your naming convention so that it shows up in the files list and get the next version automatically in the filename if I could get that simply by rightclicking inside the browser like my photoshop-hack shows ...that would simplify the task a would also be great if you would add "Other-[ext]" as a comment for these files ....If this works then I can add any file to the structure and open any file from within Prism easier...tidy and neat.

I might be overlooking some issue with this and if so please inform me and ignore it...


Johan Folkesson

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That's a good idea. Of course you would need to add the fileextension yourself because Prism can't know which type of file you want to create.

I'll add it on the to do list.