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List of feature ideas

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This is probably too radical, but I'm a big advocate of using symlinks to have better folder organization. Symlinks can be "virtual" folders inside shot/asset folders that point to common locations - asset libraries, textures, stock 3d models, exported models, render outputs, playblast folders, cache folders etc. This is fantastic for keeping your work files (scenes) separate from all the cr*p generated during project.

Simple example would be - having all rendered files go under 06_Render folder under project root, but having "Rendering" symlink folder under each shot/asset as it is currently. In this scenario you can still access renders like before, but actual files are outside 03_Workflow folder and can be easily deleted/archived etc.

This also greatly simplifies everything and allows you having essentially whatever folder structure you like, without duplicating files - as all symlink folders point to the same actual locations. Symlinks are very popular on linux, but few people use them on windows although it's a very powerful and well supported feature of every modern file system also on Windows.

This is especially important for project cleanup/archiving - keeping rendered sequences, cache files, other temp files etc in separate locations as scene files - this comes in very handy when cleaning project for archiving as files are not mixed up under the scene folders.



First of all, thank you for your great work on Prism Pipeline. Can't wait for 2.0

I would like to suggest some tiny changes to UI, which make it look a bit more clean.


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Hey @imaginary-pixels,

Prism 2 has some pretty big changes in UI 🙂

OK, good to know 🙂

I saw the FMX presentation, and it was still the old UI there, so I thought there will be no changes.



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