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List of feature ideas

Yes unfortunately not many people have access to RV, which is a bummer because it's miles ahead of the other tools for the review workflow.

However I'd implement playlists in a way that it's usable for almost everyone. In RV I could integrate some custom UI directly into the RV UI, but for all other media apps I would create a separate Prism dialog. This dialog lets you select from all available playlists and displays all media sources in that playlist with a small preview. The media sources can be drag and dropped into other apps. So you can drop it in DJV, VLC, quicktime, Nuke, Premiere or any other app which supports that file format. That would make a review sessions a lot easier because it's very easy to switch between different versions. Playing all versions in sequence however without converting it to one file first would still be a problem because that's not supported by all media apps or it's only supported in an app specific way.

In terms of an RV alternative, there is a player called Keyframe Pro which is much, much cheaper than RV.  It does not have all of the functionality of RV (like applying LUTs), but it does have the Sources and Timelines function of RV.  It also has a paint-over function (like RV), so giving retakes or feedback is easy.

I bought several licenses for my little studio and the artists use it everyday.  The paid version also has audio-scrubbing (which not many players have), and is great for animators.

I also believe that Keyframe Pro supports many different video codecs, so it would be easy to implement into an existing pipeline.

Hello ,Richard, may be good feature is set JOB (not only PRISM_JOB) variable for houdini in to project path when savescena or change project. Or button on shelf for set JOB.


Is there any advantage of using $JOB over $PRISMJOB?

If it's just personal preference, people can create a Prism plugin easily which sets variables when the Prism project changes.