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List of feature ideas

hello RichardF, will be good feature is integrate with opentimelineio.

@andreek Prism doesn't support any editorial software at the moment. How would you like to see this implemented in Prism?

tactic software is back!

About opentimelineio / I think will be great feauture  when prism can do combine montage in rv session  from last dailies per shots in project. And may be convert session to .edl or .xml montage/

It easy create on otio library

Yeah it would be nice to play all latest versions from all shots in RV. But RV can already play them all in sequence when Prism provides the sources. What would be the advantages of using otio for that?

+1 for opentimelineIO

Richard, imagine if this was somehow supported with pdg, with the get entity node you could easily put together different edits to render out

That would be very useful, especially when you can use PDG setups for that. However there is already a feature in Prism to combine media to a single video (the combine button in the Project Browser). That uses just ffmpeg for the conversion and it wouldn't be difficult to implement that in PDG. I'm still looking for good reasons to use otio. If I can do that already with ffmpeg, there is no point to add another external module to Prism.

That sounds neat, I have actually never used that feature before, will definatly check it out! 🙂 It sounds like it bakes it into a single file. I think where the power of using OTIO is that it is much like USD, it is just a description of how to stitch together data, it's not actually baking it. It would be very light and fast to create different edits. Often you want to quickly put together the latest version of each render of a sequence, episode etc. Then a week later you want to update it, but now some of them you want to check for the latest comp output if it excist, else pull from raw render. So stuff like that could be super powerful combined with your PDG nodes. Then you can open it in any editing software (at least within a year - blender is also getting it I think, so is Unity, Unreal - Netflix seems to be using it) and do more work on it from there. As a last step you could save it out as a single movie fil using ffmpeg to send to a client for example.

Most studio pipelines I know use "playlists" for reviewing media. That's just a list of versions, for example a playlist could contain all latest fx versions for each shot in one sequence. In RV you can play the playlist as sequence, layout or click through the individual versions. Playlists are my preferred way of doing review sessions and they are already on my to-do list for Prism. I could implement that through otio, but it would also work with just a textfile, which contains all media sources in the playlist. It would be more complex to implement it using otio and would take more time, but it could pay out in the long term when other apps support otio and more otio features become relevant to Prism.

Since RV was mentioned earlier, as far as I know RV doesn't support otio by default, but you can set it up manually with this RV package:

Not sure though how many people here know how to setup custom RV packages. Also DJV has no otio support at the moment.

Playlists sounds like a great addition. Just want to throw in there that I think many of your users probably do not use shotgun and therefore don't have RV (the standard license is very expensive), so for us otio would be a good future proof and flexible solution that could easily be expanded on. Though it might be a bit early since  many programs are yet to implement it.

Would the playlist with other software like DJV, VLC or quicktime?