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List of feature ideas

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it would be cool if you add support for zync renderfarm.   🙂

Please consider adding support for .fbx format in Houdini's State Manager, just like in Maya integration.

Please add support for Syntheyes - 3d tracking software

  • [0111] Prism support for SynthEyes

Is there any guide for how someone would create/add DCC app by your self?

Thank you for your GREAT work!

K 🙂


I added it to the list.

To add support for an additional DCC app you would have to create a new Prism plugin of type "App". There is a short explanation in the Prism documentation about how to create a plugin. But because every DCC is very different and has unique challenges, there is no general guide how to add support for a DCC app. Probably the best way would be to look at an existing app plugin, which is similar to what you want to create. So you could take a look at the Nuke plugin and try to modify it so that it works for SynthEyes.

I just got an anonymous error report, which mentions a SynthEyes plugin. I guess that came from you?

May be good feature is deadline project timer.

For project need set end time. and applications give popup message or send to console


import datetime
deadlinestr='PROJECT DEADLINE: '
for index, item in enumerate(date):
if subtract!=0:
deadlinestr+=(str(subtract*-1)+names[index]+' ')

print deadlinestr

Would that be just a notification when the Deadline is reached or a timer, which opens every time an application gets launched or a scenefile gets loaded?

hey RichardF, gaffer soon there will be the official verion for windows

works nice!

@c17vfx That sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to test it and to see how it compares to Katana and Solaris.


I do not know if it will be at the height of the ones you mention, but it behaves great with Arnold

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