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List of feature ideas

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maybe you could create a trello to keep track of all the current/inprogress/futur feature ?

Initially I put the list in the forum, to have one place for all feature discussions. But now I see that it might not be the best way to track things like that. The only disadvantage I see with Trello is that there would be three different places where users could request features: this forum, github and trello, which might be a bit confusing. Does Trello have some big advantages over github regarding task/issue tracking?

well, have multiple place where user can request features is the exact reason why you would need a centralised place to put them !

it mostly help organising task by group, putting label (like priority) on each features.

I believe trello is compatible with github issues/commit tracking :


here an exemple of the subnautica game's trello :

+1 for Trello 🙂 I think it's a good option to include non-programmers as well, as github can feel a bit alien to artists haha 😀

-1 for Trello . Looks nicer, that`s true. But I hate to have 50 different sources of news. Groups, Social Media, Forums, Discord, i m feeling dizzy 🙂  . Maybe a short Screenshot-Tut where to ask for features on github. it s good to know how to handle github anyway...

Will be good  feature integration with OCIO.   When OCIO in enviroment initialise, and automatic render send to farm in rop output image path filename replace with prefix .acescg.exr  /    it will be good for starting render in rv . that prefix automate apply acescg colorspace for sequence

And in Houdini When outputpath replaced when  farm submit, will be good filename collect from enviroments variables $JOB/....   its need for send project to third-party (outside) farm.

may be good feature if shots and assets initializate enviroment in Houdini per shot/asset.  $ASSET

outputName, outputPath, hVersion = self.getOutputName(useVersion=useVersion)
if os.environ.get('OCIO')!= None and '.exr' in outputName:

env = os.environ.get('JOB')
if env != None and env in outputName:
###End Correct path

i pasted that code in

and may be that need to implementation to other Apps scripts


please consider a clarisse ifx

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