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Support for latest Blender 2.79, TACTIC and Guerilla Render


Hi everyone!

I've done a bit of work on adding some functionality to Prism that is unfortunately not really polished due to the very limited time that I'm able to work on it. After sitting on it for some time I decided to share it, no matter the super rough state of most of the things here.

1. Support for the latest buildbot versions of Blender 2.79:

Since Blender 2.79 moved to Python 3.7, the Python 3.5 PySide2 module provided with Prism doesn't work with the latest builds. Here's a slightly old (from early November) Windows Blender 2.79 archive that has PySide2 and bs4 installed to it's internal Python dist which works without problems with Prism. I had to add one DLL - python3.dll (located in the same folder with the blender.exe), since the pip installed PySide2 depends on it and it was not installed by default with Blender. I would expect that these should work with a more recent build as well.

2. Syncing data from TACTIC to Prism:

I have found TACTIC to be a really good open-source replacement for production management apps like Shotgun or ftrack and since it has a good Python API it was pretty straightforward to create a script to sync the data from TACTIC to Prism. I have also fixed some small bugs in TACTIC and its VFX template (the updated one I did is called Vfx Simple Template) and set scripts so that it can be started separately as server and client, making it easier to use. I'm using a slightly older version (3.9v10), since I've found the 4.x branch to be somewhat buggy. The archive below is hard set to work from the C: drive (i.e. it should unpack to the C:\TACTIC_3.9 folder). I've also included ffmpeg and djv view with TACTIC for easier thumbnail creation and review playback (and added corresponding scripts with the template).

After you create assets and/or shots and their corresponding tasks, you can run get_ticket.bat (put both the get_ticket and prismUpdateFromTactic files in the Prism folder) to create a persistent permission ticket for the selected user and TACTIC project. Then start prismUpdateFromTactic.bat and all the assets, sequences, shots and tasks will be synced to the currently active Prism project (currently it goes one way - from TACTIC to Prism).

3. Guerilla Render plugin for Prism

One thing that I found a bit lacking with the Prism app support was that it didn't include any scene assembly, management, lighting and rendering apps (think Katana). One app that is free (at least for single workstation use) and is really good for this purpose is Guerilla Render -

I created a very simple plugin that integrates Guerilla with Prism. It currently supports listing and working with Guerilla scenes in the Browser, saving into Prism from within Guerilla, updating to the shot frame range and bringing caches through the State Manager (though not really keeping track of the state).

The integration is a bit hard coded currently (I haven't touched the file) and requires a bit of manual work (the .guerilla.conf file needs to be copied to the Windows user folder manually and it expects that Prism is installed in C:\Prism and Python 2.7 in C:\Python27).

Hope you find all these useful and interesting to play with. If you run into any issues or have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know,


Hey Goran,

thanks again for your great contributions. I appreciate it very much.

I'm already using your provided Blender Python modules in the upcoming Prism release to add support for Blender 2.79 and 2.8.

I'll check out the other scripts in more detail soon and I'm sure it will be interesting for many people to test it too.

Keep up the development 🙂

It's been a long time since I heard about tactic, but it would be interesting to see a branch for the prism.

@gkocov I'm testing a little guerilla also works with pandora?

keep working on the integration with the guerrillas I am starting to use it

Thanks for your interest and for looking into the Guerilla integration.

Pandora isn't supported, but you can check either Deadline or Coalition (a free render farm manager developed by the same team behind Guerilla) -


Thank you very much for your answer. I'm reviewing it. by the way the guerilla prism plugin seems to not work well with the latest version

I did a small update around Dec 2019 in order for it to work with the newer Prism versions.

Try the following (remove the old Guerilla integration plugin first and unpack the zip in \Prism\Plugins\Apps)


Thanks a lot ! and as for the integration which folder to target

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The integration is hardcoded currently. You don't install it like the other plugins. The .guerilla.conf file needs to be copied to the Windows user folder manually and it expects that Prism is installed in C:\Prism and Python in C:\Python27. I also had some issues with Guerilla's local Python _ctypes.pyd and _socket.pyd files, so I had to remove them from the \Guerilla Render\python folder.