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project presets

Hi all,

It would be great if once you have created a project / folder structure you could save it and use it as a template for the creation of other projects.

If you have many jobs you normally wish to work them all in the same structure and human error could be introduced by having to each time re generate a structure by hand.

This could be extended to the shot and asset creation too. If we have many shots or many assets that all require the same structure they could all be replicated from a "master template"

It would also be great to be able to delete a step or asset from the prism project browser rather that having to delete the folder through the file explorer on the OS.

Thanks for all the great work


I agree that would be two very useful features. I collect ideas like that in a list and the project preset is already there at [0055] and the delete entities is at [0033] of that list:

However, I appreciate your feedback since it helps to prioritize all the ideas in that list.

Great to see that you are so organized in your approach.

In the future I will check that page before posting

Many Thanks


No problem. You can also post in the thread of the feature list, if you see some points in the list, which you would find really necessary, to push the priority of these points.