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Blender and Prism state manager


We have been using prism with blender in our production for two projects now. So when we import a .blend file into the scene through state manager it only provides you the option to link collections and objects. It would be really helpful if it shows all the folders in .blend file like materials, particles, actions and others.

Can anyone point out to where I can change the code to add these for the state manager.

Also how to add render passes to blender in state manager.

Thank you for your time

The location where the different types to import are defined is here:

But I'm not sure if it's that easy to import materials and particles that way, I haven't tried that yet.

For the render passes you can find a quick explanation here:

Let me know if anything isn't working or is unclear.

Hey Richard,

Thank you for the suggestion. I was able to show the materials, actions and particles in the state manager. But when I try to link or append those files it gives a import failed. I tried and looked into the code but I wasn't able to figure out why (a newbie when it comes to scripting). It would be awesome if those files got appended or linked.

Thanks again for your suggestion but really sorry I couldn't make it work

I am interested in material versioning as well.

Additional question: Does Prism work with grease pencil objects? (.blend file)

I added importing additional data to the feature requests [0119].


Quote from activemotionpictures on 27. February 2020, 7:41

Additional question: Does Prism work with grease pencil objects? (.blend file)

What exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean to import that from other .blend files?