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Large image slow down the prism browser.

Hey, another little thing that can be binding.
Large image sequences slow down the Prism browser a lot.

Maybe the best idea would be that the browser does not display a default preview, but a button lets you create a low resolution image sequence (with ffmpeg)?

Maybe you planned something else.


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Maybe I had to write this post in the section "new features"?

But sometime we use big files in 5K or bigger coming from DMP and they slow down the browser a lot.

Thank you for all your work in Prism, it's excellent.


Probably you already saw the "convert" option when you right click on the preview image. This let's you create proxy videos/images of your high quality media. The converted media files will be displayed as a new version in the versions list and they have the same resolution as the original media, but they are compressed and should load a lot faster.

So your feature request would be that Prism can create proxies with a lower resolution and they are displayed instead of the original image? And if you drag and drop the media into Nuke Prism would use the original media for that?

Yes you understand everything, it's exactly that.
It would be much faster and it is useless to display the images in full resolution given the size of the preview.

Agreed. Added as [0103]

Great thank you but what a long list of new features 😉

Thanks again Richard for your amazing work.