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Kitsu plugin release!

Quote from dqhc91 on 14. November 2020, 9:14

Hi Danell,
Thanks for your great plugin.

I installed kitsu but I changed its port to 1234 (for some tests) so if I use Kitsu site: 192.168.x.x:1234 -> click Check login, plugin will be hang without response, I must close Blender.

if I use only Kitsu site: 192.168.x.x -> Could not connect to server. Is host URL correct?

When changing port, zou api will  be  192.168.x.x:1234/api

Does plugin support custom port? or I have to use Kitsu's default port (80)?

You should just be able to write your url including the ports in the adress field like this:
that's what I'm currently doing.


Quote from selavfx on 12. November 2020, 20:42

I was randomly klicking, adding and deleting assets on both sides and trying to sync them back and forth and suddenly experienced a little error.
Can't reproduce it though and didn't know what I did exactly either.. sorry for bad reporting - screengrab is attached

Thanks for the resport! Seems like there is a bug deleting asset-types. Gonna take a look as soon as I can!

Quote from selavfx on 12. November 2020, 20:29

Can you elaborate on how this is solved with Prisms Shotgun integration? Is this supported on the Shotgun side?

The Shotgun integration doesn't sync steps or categories. If I would add it I would map Prism steps to Shotgun departments and Prism categories to Shotgun tasks.

For anyone interested in small updates, please check my github:
For bigger updates I'll announce them here later 🙂

Updates till commit nr8:

  • Fixed the in/out point if only the framerage was set in Kitsu
  • Added posibility to set the task type when publishing to Kitsu

Hey Danell,

the task type possibility sounds great - thanks for this!

Will check it out asap and report back.