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prism and kitsu

We're using Kitsu for long production pace, and now starting to utilizing prism as well. I'd like to vote for this feature as well.

We are using Kitsu on our side as well at MenhirFX,

I saw that there is a Python Client and API for Kitsu :

It could be interesting to have some sort of links between Kitsu and Prism indeed. The team of Kitsu are really kind, I had a call with them this morning !

I'm sure they could help you if needed 🙂

Great to see more people requesting this!

I also created a request on the Kitsu side here:

Its probably a good idea to upvote there too, so that both parties know of each other 😉

surely this integration is very much needed.

+1 on this feature! Getting integration with Kitsu means anyone can get a full blown pipeline/project management that only the big guys currently have but for free.

Bump on this one!

Shotgun is bloatware for most studios wasted a few thousand on SG :(. The coolest SG feature IMHO is the RV review integration (screening room), outside of that it could be easily replaced by kitsu, which is free!

prism is a fantastic starting point for a small vfx pipe and kitsu connectivity would really push it forward.

I think the current issue with Kitsu is that there is no windows install tutorial, you kinda have to hack your way through it, the rasberry pi tut works but there is no way I'm going to store a show's kitsu data on a pi, that is just asking for disaster 😛


I'm working on a Kitsu plugin atm and have come pretty far! So it's on the way!

Kitsu should run on some kind of server so anyone can access it but if you want to run it locally you can always install docker and install it through it:

Sweeet! Sounds great Danell. Looking forward to what you come up with!

Great news @danell

Is there an easy way to use Kitsu for small teams, which want to work remotely and only have basic technical knowledge?

Quote from RichardF on 22. October 2020, 16:20

Is there an easy way to use Kitsu for small teams, which want to work remotely and only have basic technical knowledge?

The easiest way is just to pay them for the hosting:
But if you want to go with the free options I find the easiest way to get kitsu up and running is to user their docker package:

  1. Download and install docker:
  2. Open cmd/terminal and run: docker pull cgwire/cgwire
  3. When it's done, open the docker app and under Images you'll find cgwire/cgwire, press the run button next to it
  4. Open up Optinal Settings and enter these settings:
    1. Container Name: Kitsu
    2. Ports: 80 (or the port you want to run Kitsu on. If you enter any other port than 80 you'll have to enter the port in the adressbar when connecting)
  5. Then press Run and you can now open kitsu by going to http://localhost
    (The docker package does not support https bu default and needs some work to fix it)
  6. The default login is:
    password: mysecretpassword
  7. To let people outside your network you'll need to open a port/port forward in your router that's pointing to your computer/servers LOCAL ip + kitsus port (the one you write before.
    Eg. my computers local ip adress is and I'm running kitsu on port 80.
    My internet IP is
    In my router I can port forward the external port 5544 to the ip and internal port 80
    External users can now access my kitsu by going it

NOTE! If you have a dynamic IP adress from your ISP (you most likely do) you'll need a ddns (dynamic dns) that updates if your ip changes.
I'm getting my ddns from my synology nas with the (fake) url
So for me, external users would enter Kitsu by going to