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prism and kitsu

hey check this project managment


It would be interesting a kind of integration with this system to have an alternative to shotgun

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I saw that some time ago, but I never tried it. Do you have any experiences with it?

Check out open-source production-tracking tool Kitsu

I guess it could be complicated to set up the free self hosted version, so probably most people will use the paid options.

If there are enough people using Kitsu who are interested in a Prism integration it is definitely possible to do that.

Hi, so I just discovered kitsu thanks to that post and I installed it on my server (relatively simple and straightforward following the documentation).

I kinda wanna link it to prism now however I don't have much idea of how it should be implemented, zou (which is what actually handle the database management and api access) is server based while prism use a sort of shared folder architecture.

to update/retrieve a zou database, one must do api call using http request to the server where it installed.

Richard, would you have any though about how would you implement this on prism ?

I don't have a Linux server here to test Kitsu, but I think I would integrate it similar like the Shotgun Prism plugin. You could create a new Prism plugin with the type "Projectmanager" and have look at the Shotgun integration. The Shotgun integration adds a few options in the Project Browser to sync shots and assets between the Prism folder structure and the Shotgun database and also an option to publish renderings from Prism to Shotgun. It uses the Shotgun python api, but I guess the zou html requests could work similar.

Zou also have a shotgun integration,  I guess it just a matter of translating shotgun plug-in to prism for both app then! I'll try that.

Though... That just raised a question   if Zou also work with shotgun, then what the difference between both app?

Zou has a Shotgun integration? I only saw some information that you can import some data from Shotgun like shotlists, which can be useful for studios who want to switch from Shotgun to Kitsu. But I don't think it's a full Shotgun integration, which would make it possible to use Kitsu and Shotgun at the same time.

Ho right, well I just saw the API could import shotgun data, I haven't though about using it for a potential switch !

Sorry for reopening this, but I would also kindly like to VOTE for a Kitsu connection/integration for Prism !
There was a great video recently how to build an energy efficient Raspberry Pi Server running Kitsu and since it is basically free, it would be the perfect combination to use with Prism for small sized and hobby driven groups to track their content.

Raspberry Pi VFX task management server