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Cinema 4D and possible After Effects support

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Quote from RichardF on 17. May 2019, 18:29

To see a Cinema4D file in the "Create empty scene" menu you need to create an empty C4D scenefile first. This file has to be in your current Prism project in /00_Pipeline/EmptyScenes. The filename should be something like: EmptyScene_Cinema4D.c4d. If you setup your Project Browser to recognize .c4d files then you will see the empty C4D scene in the rightclick menu.

What exactly do you mean with "Deck" integration? But every integration is welcome so let me know if you have any problems there ?

Hi Richard!


I don't want to steer the discussion away fromthe original topic, but shortly, Deck is the technology, which the "Trello" app base-d on, and there is a Deck app inside NextCloud. (a self hosted cloud solution)

If there would be an integration between Deck and Prism, anyone can have full selfhosted, opensource: workflow, scheduling, pipeline combo.

Since someone already did a Trello integration it wouldn't be so hard to achive this!

Thanks for the clarification. Looks like an interesting piece of software and a good addition to Prism.

Hey guys,

How is it going whit the python coding for cinema 4D?


I'm waiting with bated breath for Byter to help us... ;-p

@richardf how is the planning sow far for this topic?

No updates from my side about that. Not sure if there is someone working on it right now.

It doesn't feel like anyone is supporting Cinema 4D

According to the prompt, it has been initially created and identified, except for the plug-in in C4d

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Hi guys!

Sorry for not replying. I've given up on the idea, because I'm nowhere near good enough in python to make this and we stopped using C4D for Houdini. I don't have enugh time for After Effects and it would be a much bigger job to do that. Maybe in the future.

"According to the prompt, it has been initially created and identified, except for the plug-in in C4d" - Yes you can add it as a DCC and you can open c4d files from the project manager window, but that's it.

Hi Folks,

We are using C4D at our studio and are keen to get Prism support since we are using it in other parts of our pipe and its working really well for us. Our guys here are super keen to start using it so I'd like to toss my hat into the ring and help out with finishing the plugin.

@byter do you have a github repo somewhere with what you have done so far? Id like to take a look and use it as a starting place if thats ok with you?

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