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Blender 2.93

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Can you make a screenshot from the Blender console like in the first post of this thread? @pookzzz @iong

It might be a different problem in your case.

Here you go Richard. Looks similar.

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Maybe it has to do with 4k screen?

it seems to be related to the operators not being registered.


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No I don't think it's related to the 4k screen. When the operators are not registered that usually means that there was an error before. Can you scroll up and see if there is another error in the console?

In the first screenshot of this thread the error is "Prism supports only Blender versions, which are using Python 3.7." This warning should be gone in Prism, but there might be a different error in your case.

Yes, apparently there's an error with finding pyside2, I imagine this is the local import from prism because I should have PySide2 installed on several python versions

Same error happens either if I have  pyenv set to 2.7 or 3.4+, I rememeber that prism comes packed with its own libraries and doesn't depend on the python that is installed or setted up in the env variables, as far as I can tell these libraries are there, both pyside2 ans shiboken2

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Yes I have the same errors, I'm not so sure either since I just pip installed PySide2 on python 3.7.9

I managed to get things to work by pip installing PySide2 to the Prism pythonlibs directory.

pip install PySide2 --target C:\Prism\PythonLibs\Python37

Quote from pookzzz on 9. October 2021, 5:17

I just updated to v1.3.0.82 and reinstalled the integration, even reinstalled Blender 2.93, but I'm still seeing the empty little tab under Prism in Blender. Is there other things I needed to do to get it working?


Hi there, how did you manage to make the tab show up, in my case is not even doing that. Anyway I am just suscribing to follow this topic. Thanks for all the hard work Richard.

Hey Fernando, hope I can be of some help.
v1.3.0.82 should give you the right result, I've installed it in 12+ PC's and it's working great, so probably the error is on the instalationof the plugin.

My suggestion if you haven't already done so is:

-on prism settings first make sure that the version is indeed v1.3.0.82, this is done on the general tab>about section.

-make sure to run prism as admin and go to the "DCC apps" tab.

-On the blender tab make sure to uninstall all the previously installed plugins.

-After this, press add and set your blender path, should be something like: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.93.

This should install the the plugin again and set everything right.

If this doesn't work, I would suggest uninstalling and  reinstalling prism as admin (remove any trace of the plugins).


Once you hopefully get it to work it will be missing PySide2, you'll just have to install it on the local prism library, this is done by oppening the windows command line and running:

pip install PySide2 --target C:\Prism\PythonLibs\Python37

This is assuming prism is installed on it's default location, if it's not, just modify the "target" on the command to <your prism path>\PythonLibs\Python37


Hope this helps, if it doesn't check on the console for printed errors, if prism is on the right folder (something like C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.93\2.93\scripts\startup\, it should throw an error at start which would be printed on the blender console (Blender > Window menu > toggle system console), post the error here and I'm sure we'll do our best to help you out 🙂


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