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Shots within sequence folders


I'm really impressed with what i've seen so far in the short time I've been testing Prism but I'm wondering if you plan to allow for each sequence to be housed in their own respective folders.


For example, I'd like to see this:




And within Sequences you'd have a folder for each sequence :





And from there each sequence would have its own shot folder:





I think this makes sense from both an archival perspective and to reduce the clutter if you have many sequences.  I've worked on jobs that have 5 or 6 sequences that each have 10 shots.  The way Prism is currently set up that'd be a lot of sub-directories in the Shots folder.


Let me know what you think!





Yes I agree that would be the preferred structure. At some point in the future I will change it to your proposed structure. There is another feature request for more hierarchy levels for shots like episodes:

This would also affect the folder structure, so it makes sense to do that together in the same update, but I have no time frame planned for that at the moment.

This would be a great addition!