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Sequences in Episodes

Hi Richard,

My name is Giap and I'm currently testing Prism on Maya. I have a feature I would like to suggest.

Currently, there are 2 episodes in the project that I'm working on. Prism at this stage only let me create sequence and shot but we can't separate them into different episode. So I'm currently put sequence 1 shot 1 for the first episode but for the second episode, I need to put it in sequence 12 shot 1. This could work if we work on simple project but for series, I found it's quite hard to work it.

I'm thinking of working around by separate the episode into different project but then I have to reload the Assets to that project and so on. I wonder how you're going to working on such project with Prism.

Thanks for the awesome work on Prism.


Hey Giap,

For episodic work  a new option for an episode name would be the best way definitely. It's already on the to do list, but until it's implemented the best way would probably be to use sequence names like these:

  • ep01seq01
  • ep01seq02
  • ep02seq01

Thanks for your feedback.


This would be really useful


Is there any progress on this?