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Referencing Rigs into Maya

Hello, not sure if this has been an issue with anyone.  I have a maya rig that is pretty buttery smooth when I move the controls around.  However when I reference it into an animation scene using Prism's state manager, the rig runs noticeably slower.

If I did a maya default reference outside of the pipeline, I don't get this issue.  Are there extra processes running when Prism references a rig?  How can I fix this?

It turns out .mb ran slower than .ma for some reason.  Not sure I understand why, but at least it's not an issue anymore.

Great that you solved it already. Interesting to hear that .ma and .mb can make such a big difference. However, Prism doesn't do any special processing for the referencing. You can expect the exact same performance and behavior as if you would reference it manually.