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PrismTrello custom plugin release!

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Hello Richard & fellow Prism users,

I just released a custom plugin for Prism that you can use if you want to! It integrates Prism shots/assets and tasks with a project Trello team. If you are already running Shotgun then it likely won't give you anything new, but I wanted to contribute towards this suite of free-to-use pipeline tools. Trello is free (although it has paid options) and is good for a top-down production view as well as discussion, so pairing it with Prism struck me as a good bit of synergy. Here's the github for anyone interested:

I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but I'm the guy who made it so what the heck do I know?! I could make a short set-up video if enough people are interested. And of course, I want to know if you encounter any problems or come up with any ways to improve it.


P.S. Richard, I see you just released v1.2 which has a little preview screengrab tool. PrismTrello has something similar, it's the file called and it also enables annotations & saving to png. Maybe we could unify these two utilities somehow? Uploading progress .pngs and .webms to Trello is a very important part of what PrismTrello does.

Super cool! I have always liked the Kanban style of project management that Trello provides.


Wow this is awesome. It's great to have a free management tool integrated.

I just gave it a quick try and it seems to work great. Only a few minor issues like an error when the local project folder is disabled and the video preview upload seems to work in Maya only. Houdini and Max use different frame padding characters in the outputpath so they need to be handled separately.

It's really cool to see how you integrated that plugin in Prism. Alternatively you could have make it a "ProjectManager" plugin instead of a "Custom" plugin. Then it would be visible automatically in the menus of the Project Browser (like the Shotgun plugin).

Let me know if you need any additional callback functions from the Prism core scripts for your plugin.

Yeah I added a similar screengrab tool in the latest Prism version, but it doesn't have any annotation options like your tool. Your screengrab has some display problems in Houdini (in Blender it works) and the numpy module, which was installed by pip doesn't work in my Maya or Max. Maybe a combination of my screengrab script and your annotation tools would be the best.

If you like I could make a new section on the downloads page for additional Prism plugins, which links to your repo. Everyone who is interested in a Trello integration could download it from there.

Anyway, really nice work and I hope many people will use it and provide more feedback.

Thanks for the issue report Richard - now to find the time to fix some of them.

I don't think I need any more callback functions, but it would be nice to be able to request particular data as args for the callback functions. The bug you caught with the different frame padding for Max/Houdini I think is a good case - it would be really cool if the "outputName" passed to callbacks (local file for exported playblast/render) was itself something that I could just pass into ffmpeg. As it is I sometimes get a non-frame padded .exr and sometimes a blahblah..jpg with similarly missing padding. Is that just the data that Prism gets back from the app itself?

The outputpath is generated by Prism, but for each app Prism generates a path with the padding that is expected by the 3d app. So the filename which gets passed to the plugin functions is the exact path that will be used in the rendersettings of each app, but it's slightly different for each app.

I could pass an additional argument to the plugins like "UnifiedOutputPath", which would be always the same padding and can be used better as input for other tools.

I think output path is best as what the 3d apps do, so it sounds like I just need to check what other apps do. I'm mostly a Maya user so I was hoping avoid installing all of the other packages which I don't need. But I'll just inspect prism's app plugins to find the formatting.

I know the problem that all apps and all different versions of them need to be installed 😉

You should be able to find all the formattings in the scripts and avoid installing them all.

Another way would be if I add a "removePadding" function in Prism and you could use it like that in all the tools:

unifiedPath = self.core.removePadding(outputPath)

please video tutorial man.

Almost got this to work, but when the prompt asks to click to authorize trello and copy the token, the opened browser tab show "App Not Found"...


Have you ever heard about Deck? (in nextCloud) It's basicly the same as Trello but inside an opensource selfhosted cloud. I would love to work with you on an integration for that. It's not that dissimilar than Trello, so it shouldn't be that much more work. I can work on it from the end of June.

If there would be an integration between Deck and Prism, anyone can have full selfhosted, opensource: workflow, scheduling, pipeline combo.

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