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Prism 1.3.0 released

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Hi Richard and thank your for your response.

Any chances to see a support for Renderman Houdini on day?  It would be really awesome.

Many thanks.


Yes support for Renderman in Houdini is a very likely update in the future.

Thats great to hear Richard!
+1 on Renderman/Houdini Support - Thank you!

Have tried posting in the forum as a new post but nothing seems to come up so am posting here...

Hi Richard,

Is there a timeline or roadmap for development for Prism 2? We were hoping that the release would be at the end of last year as per your original statement that it may be around November '21. As there were integration issues with Blender 2.93 / 3 due to the python update from what I recall , it meant us either resolving to a different pipeline tool or holding off upgrading, but as we don't know your timeline for release, its difficult to plan. Please advise.



@pete-draper Because of spam new threads need to get approved first. I approved your thread and replied there.

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