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Prism 1.2.0 release

This version adds the option to save a description to your scenefiles. Other than the comment, the description can contain characters like spaces, underscores and can have multiple lines. You can also grab an area of your screen to add it as a preview to the scenefile. You will see the description and preview in the Project Browser, when you hover over scenefiles.

Prism supports now Blender 2.8 (and latest 2.79 builds) and the Prism Houdini integration was updated to support the full power of the Houdini digital asset workflow.

This is the changelog of the new version:

Prism v1.2.0:

added: Option to add a screengrab preview image and a description text for scenefiles. Accessable from the "Save comment" shelf tool and in the State Manager
added: "Plugins" tab in the Prism Settings to reload/unload currently loaded Plugins and to create new plugins
added: Option to restore a shot/asset, which was omitted, when trying to create a new shot/asset with the same name
added: (Houdini) New HDA workflow (save multiple HAD definitions in one file or in incremented file, export project HDAs, blackboxes) (
added: (Houdini) Exporting editable ROPs inside locked HDAs is now possible
added: (Blender) Support for Blender 2.8 and latest 2.79 builds
added: (Maya) Option to preserve namespaces when exporting alembic files to other DCC apps
added: (Maya) Preserve references option on the export state when exporting as .ma, .mb or .rs
changed: (Blender) Prism tools are now available from the main menu bar of the Blender UI
changed: (Maya) Playblasts are now created without the resolution gate, even when it is enabled in the viewport
fixed many bugs and minor improvements


Note: Since v1.1 Prism contains an option to update it's Python scripts automatically from GitHub. This doesn't update the Python libraries, which Prism relies on. Prism v1.2.0 requires some updated Python libraries. Make sure to use the installer from the Prism website to update these libraries. If you use the automatic script update option some features may not work correctly.


Thanks for all contributions, feedback and ideas from the community.

Just a short thank you, Richard! This is my favorite update, the preview image and description text is huge. HDA Workflow, too. And Blender 2.8 Compability...Love it...Thx

Thank you for this excellent update Richard. I am really interested in using the Blender 2.8 integration.



Awesome Richard! Thanks a million, looking forward to try this update.

I have prism installed on a shared google drive folder, so I have been using the update feature to get the latest versions. Since I have to use the installer for this one, do you think I can just overwrite the files that are in the folder? also, will all the teammembers have to run the setupintegrations.bat again?

Yeah, you should be able to overwrite everything without problem. However I removed a PySide package from the installer, which was only used in Blender. It will be downloaded automatically when needed now, but if you don't use Prism in Blender you could save about 150mb space if you delete the previous Prism folder before installing the new version.

As long as the path to the Prism folder stays the same your teammembers don't need to setup their integrations. Only if they want to use Prism in Blender, they would need to setup their integrations again, since the integration script was changed only for Blender in this update.

Thanks for the explanation! I'll give it a try during the week 🙂 Saving 150mb sounds great! 😀

The description and preview options is amazing! Thank you!

Where to download the latest mini version

The latest features and bugfixes are in the development version of Prism on github:


An easy way to update Prism to that version is through the Prism Settings (in the "Miscellaneous" tab in older versions):

Thank you for this excellent update !