added: Warning when the scenefile, render, export or playblast outputname is longer than 255 characters, which is not supported by Windows
added: Warning when an export has a different FPS value than the current scenefile
added: Option to force a specific FPS value in the project settings (a warning will pop up, when a scenefile with a different FPS value is opened)
added: Option in the Prism settings to publish Shotgun versions from a Shotgun user account (in the user tab, when Shotgun is enabled in the project settings)
added (Nuke): support for Deadline submissions in Nuke (You can use the regular Thinkbox submitter, but make sure you clicked the “Create directory” button on the WritePrism node)
improved: greatly reduced risk of corrupt configuration files
improved: better date format of the dailies folder, when sending media from the ProjectBrowser to the dailies folder
improved (Nuke): Layout of renderpasses in Nuke now imports all renderpasses ( not only specific VRay and Redshift passes like in previous versions)
changed: When opening the “Change Taskname” dialog on any state, the current taskname is now selected to make it faster to change the taskname
fixed: Error when the camera, which is selected in a playblast state got deleted before the publish in some cases
fixed: Error when opening the TaskSelection window in some cases
fixed: Rightclicking on the browse buttons in the “DCC apps” tab of the Prism settings didn’t open the folder
fixed: Error when opening the ProjectBrowser, when a config of a recent project is corrupt/invalid in some cases
fixed: Installer didn’t find the correct maya versions, when the windows documents folder was changed (e.g. to onedrive)
fixed: (Maya) Alembic files couldn’t be exported, when a space was in the outputpath
fixed: (Maya): Error when the selection set required by the ExportState is renamed or deleted before the publish
fixed (Houdini): Error when changing the outputtype of an ExportState
fixed (Houdini): Rightclicking on the browse button of an ImportState didn’t open the windows explorer in some cases
removed: “External Pandora submission” icon on the Prism shelf (because Pandora has its own shelf now)


added: (Maya) support for exporting/importing Redshift proxies (.rs)
added: (Nuke) Option to create and open the outputfolder from the WritePipe node
added: Options, when submitting Deadline render jobs: “Concurrent tasks” and GPU affinity options for Redshift scenes
added: When creating shots you can keep the window open to create multiple shots quickly
added: DoubleClicking on a sequence in the ProjectBrowser toggles the expansion of the sequence
added: support for Pandora beta (v0.9.1)
fixed: (Maya) Error when objects, which should be exported were deleted before the publish in some cases
fixed: (3dsMax) Error when trying to set the startframe and the endframe of the timeline to the same value
fixed: Error when no “recent_projects” section exists in the preferences in some cases
fixed: Error when Prism has no write access to the project folder during project creation
fixed: Error when no “current project” setting exists in the preferences in some cases
fixed: Error when the ProjectBrowser or the StateManager couldn’t be loaded in some cases


added: When sending an error report you can now add additional custom notes (e.g. how to reproduce it)
added: When creating an asset or a shot, there is now an option to create it automatically in Shotgun
changed: Improved behaviour, when config files are missing
fixed: (Blender) Prism wasn’t loaded when another plugin already created a QApplication
fixed: (Maya) Error when canceling a Redshift render with the escape key
fixed: Shots could not be opened in Shotgun from the rightclick-menu
fixed: Error when selecting a non-readable image as shotpreview
fixed: Error when opening the “Pubish to Shotgun” dialog


added: (Maya) option to reference alembic files
added: (Maya) option to create a new namespace, when importing/referencing .ma/.mb files
added: (Maya) support for Redshift
fixed: (Maya) Error when updating references in some cases
fixed: (Maya) problem, which caused the xgen render multiplier to fail
fixed: (Maya) Disabled renderpasses were displayed in the ImageRender list
fixed: (Maya) Error when unkown renderer is active and an ImageRenderState is created
fixed: Custom empty scenes were removed on project update
fixed: Error when the frameranges for shots couldn’t be read
fixed: Error when no project is set and the “showonstartup” setting doesn’t exist in the preferences
fixed: Error when righclicking on “2d” or “playblast” versions in the ProjectBrowser
fixed: Error when executing a scenefile and no application is linked to the fileformat of the scene in Windows


added: Option to define an executable to start scenefiles from a different app version than the Windows default (“DCC apps” tab in PrismSettings)
added: Option to create new EmptyScene presets (in the “create empty scene” menu of the ProjectBrowser)
added: (Maya) option to create new renderpasses in the “ImageRender” state (Arnold, VRay)
added: (Maya) support for VRay
added: (Nuke) option in the PrismSettings (“DCC apps” tab) to use NukeX instead of Nuke to open nuke scripts from the standalone ProjectBrowser
fixed: (3ds Max) When using renderpasses in a local render, the render was aborted
fixed: Error when the local Prism preferences or project scripts are corrupted
fixed: Error when no project is set and the “save version” shelf button is clicked
fixed: Error when starting the ProjectBrowser from the tray icon in some cases


added: (3dsMax) Option in the Export state to show additional settings during the publish
added: Option to check for Prism updates in the “Help” menu of the “ProjectBrowser” and the “StateManager”
changed: The Empty 3dsMax scenes are not created by a student version of 3dsMax anymore
changed: Deadline jobsubmission “MachineLimit” parameter changed from 3 to 0 (unlimited)
fixed: (Maya) The creation of the Prism shelf could mess up other shelves (e.g. missing icons)
fixed: (Maya 2016) The RenderSettings dialog was opened every time the user clicked on the StateManager, when an ImageRender state existed
fixed: (3dsMax, Maya, Blender) Error when removing multiple objects from the Export state list at once
fixed: (3dsMax) Error when double clicking a renderpass in the ImageRender settings
fixed: (3dsMax) the force version option in the project settings didn’t recognize the configured version correctly in some cases
fixed: (Blender) Error when creating an empty blender scene from the ProjectBrowser and opening the StateManager
fixed: (Blender) Prism was not loaded correctly and prevented Blender from starting in some cases
fixed: Improved behaviour when sending bugs/feedback from within Prism (often the message could not be sent)
fixed: Error when rightclicking in an empty versions list of the “Select Task” dialog
fixed: Error when rightclicking on the preview in the ProjectBrowser in some cases


added: uninstaller (Execute the setup again and after the extraction a window shows up, which lets you uninstall Prism)
changed: The default, empty maya scenes created by the ProjectBrowser are no student files anymore
fixed: The Prism-Windows-shortcuts were not working, when the Windows username contained spaces
fixed: Error during the installation, when invalid installation paths are entered
fixed: (Houdini) Errors in some situations, when no network or sceneview exists
fixed: Error during the installation, when the windows startup folder din’t exist
fixed: The dailies folder was not saved on project creation


Initial release