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Pixar Renderman Support for RenderStates and Pandora

Hey Richard,
really cool development so far. Kudos!

I would like to request the support of Prman in Houdini/Maya for RenderStates in Prism and also for sending it off to Pandora.
Hope that's possible.

Thanks a lot!

I haven't used Renderman myself yet, but if enough people are interested I can add it to Prism. I added it as [0122] to the request list.

Sounds great! Thank you.

Hi guys, is it something you're working on ATM ?

I looked into it and Renderman support will be included in Prism 2. There are no plans to support it in Prism 1 and Pandora though.

Great news, thanks ! I look forward to using Prism 2.