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Offline asset and asset organization


It would be great if Prism had the option to organize assets for you automatically. I know you are working on the library, while we are eagerly waiting for its release, how about making some simple, but very helpful, solutions. Here's a few suggestions:

  1. Add the option to automatically add folders for HDAs, HDRI, Textures etc. This way every project will for sure have the same folder structure which makes it a lot easier for the team to know where to find assets.
  2. When you publish something, there is a warning telling you that some files are outside the project. (Great feature by the way!) How about adding an "open in explorer" or/and "move to Assets/HDRIs " etc. That way it's very fast to get those files into the project. It should then also update all the paths in the 3D software of course.
  3. Add the option to make an identical folder structure in the 'textures' folder (Assets/textures). It would save quite a bit of time when dealing with a lot of assets. By the way I assume that textures are meant to be in the assets folder and not the workflow one, which I also prefer, as many texture are used across several assets, so it makes more sense to have a centralized folder imo. It also makes it easy to unsync textures if the animators don't need them.
  1. The textures folder will be created for every publish already or do you mean more detailed subfolders for textures? I could add HDAs and HDRIs, but people who don't use Houdini don't need the HDA folder and I'm sure there are still many projects, which don't use HDRI lighting.
  2. There are python function in every 3d app, which gives you all external assets. But as far as I remember only Houdini says where the asset is used in the scene. I think it could be difficult to find the place where a texture is used in Maya scenes, because there are so many possibilities, especially when considering all the maya plugins. But if there's a good and easy way for that I'll try to add that as soon as possible.
  3. Yes the textures are meant to be under Assets/Textures, but in the end it's up to you where you save them. You mean like subfolders for every asset (fabric, stone, metal...)? I guess that is very different from project to project what kind of assets and materials you have. If I add a preset texture folder structure I'm sure many people will complain that it doesn't fit perfectly to their current project. When I start to create an UI and different asset presets, that would end up complex pretty fast. I would rather spend my time on the actual library tool. I think the best solution for now is to add an empty asset-texturestructure preset folder in the main texture folder. If you have a new asset, just duplicate and rename the folder.

All points are usefull ideas and when I'll have enough time I'd love to add them to Prism. I guess I should make an public available list with all the ideas to keep track of all of them.

  1. I didn't know Prism creates a texture folder automatically. Where do I find it?
    Regarding the folders, I just thought it would be nice upon project creation to have prism suggest folders to be added in the Assets folder (that could be unchecked by default), like the ones I mentioned. Just so that no matter which person makes a new projects at the studio, it will have the same structure on each project. I know it's not super important or anything, it's more like a "nice to have" feature. I see what you mean by studios having different pipelines and all.
  2. What about just adding a little button (or right click menu) to "open in explorer" so that you can quickly browse to the files? I see how updating the path quickly get quite complicated across different softwares.
  3. Alright, good to know I'm on the right track πŸ™‚
    With subfolders I find myself recreating pretty much the exact same folder structure under textures that are already present in the workflow folder tree. Don't know if it's tricky to implement, but I just thought it could be really useful to have setting called something like "sync/recreate asset and scene folders structure in textures" - if you know what I mean? I guess whenever you would create a new asset or shot Prism would then also add a folder under the asset/textures-folder. For example making an asset called Dino inside a folder called "CHAR" would then also add the following folders assets/textures/CHAR/dino - for example.... Again, not super important, just a nice to have, and I might very well be the only one to find it useful πŸ˜€
  1. I meant the assetfolder will be created for every project (not every publish): \04_Assets\Textures. I heard the need for project structure presets a few times. Especially for studios this would be a nice feature.
  2. That would be possible. Maybe even a second button "move to project" but then Prism would have to guess where to place it in the project. But the user would need to handle the relinking (not in Houdini).
  3. A little checkbox when creating an asset or shot is actually a pretty good idea. I don't know if I would use a different folder for every shot, but at least for assets that sounds really good.
  1. yeah, some more template folders suggested by prism would be awesome! I have never seen the texture folder appear automatically, maybe there is something in the settings I have overlooked...
  2. Awesome!
  3. Yeah, you are right, 'shots' are pretty much redundant, I was thinking of 'sets', but they are of course in 'assets' πŸ™‚

A \04_Assets\Textures folder should be created in every project regardless of the settings. I never heard that it's missing, but I think nobody would report that as a bug if nobody knows it should be there.

I added point 3 of your ideas (texture folder creation) to the latest Prism update (1.1.1). I used it as an example for a plugin. It is disabled by default, but you can enable it by uncommenting a single line in this file of your Prism install directory:


Great, thanks a lot! πŸ™‚Β (stupid question: will I have to do this for each new install?)

+1 for Project Folder Structure customization. Let the user customize File and folder structure, and control over file naming will be very useful.

Prism uses SEQ/SHOT/STEP/TASK/VER for shots (scenefiles) right ?

Several teams sometimes need to work on different projects that need some specific structure: Netflix, Animation, video series or videoclips, comercial , documental, cinematics...

Also we needΒ to editΒ  if possible

Folder Structure:
Folder Naming:
File Naming convention:

  • Example

The below snapshot is an example of acceptable camera and sound media folder structure for Netflix:


Designing a pipeline without a database and with a dynamic/customazable folder structure is a tough challenge, but I'll see what I can do πŸ™‚