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nuke menu

Hi, I've just installed Prism but I'm not seeing the menu in Nuke. Do I need to add something to my nuke path?




No, you don't need to do anything manually. Does the Project Browser open when you launch Nuke? Is there any error in the Nuke console when you launch Nuke?

Prism modifies a file in the Nuke user preferences so that it gets loaded during startup. Check if it contains some lines of code, which include "Prism" C:\Users\username\.nuke\

Thanks for the reply, Richard.

Maybe the issue is that I don't have a in my .nuke folder. My is on a shared drive which nuke picks up via a path in a global variable. I'll add an empty in the .nuke folder and see what happens


All good. reinstalled and nuke integration seems to have been successful .


Great to hear that you got it working.

You could also combine the content of both files in the file on your shared drive. If you install the Prism Nuke integration to your shared drive, Prism would add it's code to your existing automatically. It's not necessary that it's in the default .nuke folder as long as it's in any path that Nuke is searching for a file.

Hey Richard,

following up on this post, I cannot see the Prism menu in Nuke (as displayed in the integration documentation).

While I understand the project browser opens up automatically on startup, If I accidentally close it, the only way to get it back is restart Nuke.

Any ideas why the menu won't show up?



@yoavdolev Which version of Nuke are you using? Are you using the latest Prism version?

Also check the console window of Nuke, the black window which is usually behind the Nuke window, and check if there are any errors printed. Some errors are only printed to the script editor in Nuke so it's a good idea to check that as well.