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Houdini cannot find project

I am brand new to Prism (love it), and I have been having some problems with creating a Houdini scene in Houdini 18 (have not tried other versions). I first try to create a Houdini render scene, and I get this error (error1 png), even though the project does exist. I press okay and I get this (error2 png). Once I hit okay to that, Houdini opens up along with the Project Browser (error3 png). However once open, I cannot find the Prism shelf (error4 png). Is there something that I am doing wrong? Maya seemed to work fine. I do have an older version of Renderman installed, as well as Redshift and Renderman 23, could those be causing issues?

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Hello @tielax11,

I had the same issue, it seems to be a bug that will be fixed in the future, a simple work around is this :

Have a good day 🙂