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duplicating import states in state manager


We faced this issue recently where we needed 30 of the same rig in a animation shot in a animation file. Every time we needed to reference a rig we had to do the whole import process in the state manager, which is kind of a problem. There is a duplicate reference option available in maya's reference editor. It would be really helpful if something like that would be possible through 'State Manager'


You can copy and paste the import states in the State Manager, which should make it faster to set up the states, but this would not duplicate the objects in the scene. That's a good idea. I added it to the feature idea list: [0116]


Is this implemented? I tried and it looks like it still creates only duplicate entries in the state manager but not in the scene.

Any ideas of a workaround? There is 'duplicate reference' in maya, but this would make things inconsistent- prism will only update its 'own' reference not the duplicates...