Changes in this update


  • added support for Maya 2022
  • added support for Nuke 13
  • made the lists in the Task Selection window resizable
  • fixed a bug that children of nested asset folders were not displayed correctly in the Project Browser in some cases

Maya 2022 was released last week and Nuke 13 two weeks ago. Both softwares added many new features and finally updated to Python 3.7.

Prism adds support for both new software versions. You can use Prism in them the same way now as in the older versions of Maya and Nuke.

Note: Because of a current limitation Prism is unable to load in Nuke terminal mode, which could affect Deadline renderjobs. Normal Nuke Gui sessions are not affected.

Prism v1.3.0.80 is available for download now from the Prism Settings window.