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Workspace version visibility and representation.

Hi Richard

Two suggestions for modification to the existing workspace version visualization in Prism:

  1. As there aren't certain plugins for certain OS platforms, but are there for certain other (blender for linux / windows) prism seems to not show the workspace versions for blender when viewed in linux but does show them when viewed in windows. Would it be a better idea to still show the workspace versions as they exist on disk but maybe have them grayed-out and non-selectable? That would be a more accurate representation and a person viewing it on linux would still be able to see the comments and get an idea of something being in progress (and which active version the workspace is running).
  2. Instead of using different colors for the software that the workspace file version corresponds to- which seems to be the case right now, maybe would be a better idea to have icons of the software (which can be linked to the ico files usually present for each installed software - which can be done in the dcc apps section manually pointing to the corresponding ico files, or from any specific folder).

Please let me know what you think.


  1. Actually it wouldn't be a problem to start a Blender file from the standalone Project Browser on Linux. It's only the Prism integration inside Blender, which is not working at the moment. So yeah, that would be possible to implement. I added this to the to-do list.
  2. I posted an example some time ago, where I used icons instead of colors. I heard that request a few times, so maybe I should use icons by default. However I want it to work out of the box, so I don't want that the user has to select all the ico files manually before he can use Prism. So probably I would just provide the icons with Prism ( I have to check the legal stuff of course). The only concern I have is that the icons would be very small and since the 3ds Max and Maya icons have similar colors, it might be more difficult to differentiate scenefiles.

Hey Richard

Great thanks for considering 1.

As for the icons, yeah maybe supplying icons might be a cause for licensing hassles.

I do have a suggestion in this regard:

Maybe a Single Capital Alphabet with a specific text color and Bg color would be enough?

3 For 3dsmax (Text color Cyan #008B8B / Bg Color Light Cyan #CAFFFF)

M for maya (Text Color: Cyan #008B8B / Bg Color: Light Cyan #CAFFFF)

H for houdini (Text color: Black #000000 / Bg Color: Orange #FF7A00)

B for blender (Text Color: Blue #146EB4 / Bg Color Orange #FF9900)

N for nuke (Text Color: White #FFFFFF / Bg Color: Red #880000)

N for natron (Text Color: White #FFFFFF / Bg Color Black #000000)

F for fusion (Text Color: Black #000000 / Bg color: lime green #C7EA46)

P for photoshop (Text Color: Azure #0080FF / Bg Color: Dark Blue #111E6C)

These colors are all derived from the icon or typography of the corresponding software and would be immediately identifiable by the artists who regularly work on these software.

That would be a bit more descriptive than the color method and avoid the licensing hassle of icons (perhaps).

What do you think?


Hi Richard,

I just wanted to know whats the status of opening blender files from stand-alone browser in Linux. Currently we are starting a project for which we are planning to do most of the work in blender. We've been using using prism for some other projects and it works exceptionally well to keep track of the assets. It would be really helpful even if we can just see and open the files from stand alone browser to keep a track of stuff.


As long as Blender is not fully supported on Linux I won't enable this by default.

But you can enable the visibility of Blender files in the Project Browser very easily.

Go to this file in your local Prism installation, open it in a text editor and change this line:


self.platforms = ["Windows", "Linux"]

Save the file and restart Prism (also restart the tray icon). Then you can see blender files in the Project Browser and open them. Eventually you need to specify in the Prism Settings dialog an "executable override" for Blender, so that Prism knows how to open .blend files.

Thanks Richard. That is helpful