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will be some support for houdini 19.5?

Hi, it almmost one year that houdini 19.5 its release but there is not support by prism yet, the project its actually dead or its live?

Hey @aled,

Prism is very alive, but all the work goes into Prism 2 currently. There are no updates planned for Prism 1, but Prism 2 will be released later this year.


Sorry to hear this. It will be difficult to lose Houdini on Prism for the rest of the year.

There is open open beta planned for July. So not too far away 😉

We are using Prism with Houdini. Its a small hack. Didn't tested everything yet but it seems like working. Just duplicate "python3.7libs" folder inside C:\Prism\Plugins\Apps\Houdini\Integration and call it "python3.9libs"