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Where to save textures ?

Hello Richard !

We currently are doing some lookdev on some assets and would like to have your advice on where to save the textures ?

Should it be saved in 2dRender in 03_Workflow/Assets/assetName/Rendering/2dRender ?

We usually are creating our texture using Substance, by any chance, do you plan to add Prism support for it ?

Thanks a lot !


Hi there,

I usually use the "asset" folder so the one at "PrismROOTFolder/04_assets/

There I have all the 2d ressources needed, you can add directory texture per assets.


The directory you gave in your previous post (03_Workflow/Assets/assetName/Rendering/2dRender) is an output folder. So output from comp software (Ae, fusion, Nuke).


Hope this helps πŸ™‚

I save my textures usually in subfolders under 04_Assets as well. But you are free to save it where ever you want. Prism doesn't require any specific location for textures.

You can also save textures like HDRIs, tileable textures and dirt maps, which you want to reuse multiple times, under 04_Assets, and asset specific textures, which you created in substance, under 03_Workflow/Assets/assetName/Textures.

Everyone has different preferences for that.

A substance integration would be possible and I like that idea, but I haven't planned it yet.

Thanks for your answer @onlyquads !

I must admit that I m not a big fan of this solution since the folder 04_assets is outside the workflow. It would mean that we would have to re-create every asset folder name.

We are working on a small show with hundred of assets, and I am sure that if everybody has to create some folder and name files, there will be issues πŸ™‚

I would love to have a way to version the textures as we can version any other DCC file. It would be perfect to have it at the asset level (inΒ  03_Workflow/Assets/assetName/textures maybe ?). What do you think of that @richardf ?

The thing that I want to avoid is having a render on the farm and someone updating a texture and having my render failing :|. With versions on the textures it would not happen I guess.

PS : I was busy and send the message without seeing that you already replied @richardf haha πŸ™‚ The versioning of textures part of my message is still applicable though

To version the textures, Prism would need to generate an outputpath and save the texture. For that Prism would need to be integrated in your texture app.

If you save your textures manually at the moment, you can version them manually obviously.

The Photoshop integration of Prism allows you already to save out images/textures and version them. If I add more texture apps then they will definitely be able to version their exported images.

Thanks a lot for your answer !

We will version them manually for now!