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Vray standalone rendering


When rendering we like to submit vrscenes and render via vray standalone. This is a very clean way and makes sure we only need to install vray on the farm machines. However I can't seem to figure out how to do this in Prism. It seems to submit the .hip file to deadline.

Can anyone help me with this?


Exporting and rendering the scenedescriptions is only supported for some renders currently. These include Mantra, Redshift, Arnold and 3Delight. Support for Vray might be added very soon as well.

ok, thanks! This would be really important for us to be able to use prism in production.

We added this feature now. In the next Prism update you'll be able to submit Vray standalone jobs from Houdini to Deadline. There will be 3 jobs, which are dependent on each other: the first one exports the .vrscene files from the .hip file (this job requires a Houdini license), the second job renders the .vrscene files with Vray standalone and the third one is a Python cleanup job, which deletes the .vrscene files.

We would need to do the the first step on the local machine though. Because the farm doesn't have Houdini installed.  Is this possible in this setup?
In our current pipeline, the user presses "render to disk" which writes the vrscenes and then a post-render script get called to send it to the farm.

Currently the export will be submitted as a job to the farm, but it should be easy to add an option for local export in any of the next updates.

ok, thanks! That would be amazing.