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VFX usage shot plates (injust) starting point

i have just finished step by step animation video and just wanna say, thanks for amazing tool.

History: a small vfx shop, typically project starts with client edit and i.e (10 shots) plates exported from EDL (resolve / heiro).

What is best way to injust data.? or use it as starting state.

in your step by step video, maya / houdini have starting point (dependency) on asset. (which is part of project)

how to add my plates (shot footages) so, when i create shot and add compositing step, (create empty file) user can load footage plate . ideally should be somewhere located in project (which directory to put shot files in).?

i hope i asked question in right way.? thanks in advance, regards, haseeb

My preferred way is to have a plates folder in each shot folder. In that folder there can be different versions of the plate. Recently I added this for a studio, which had the same problem. They have an "Import Plate" option in the Prism menu in Nuke, which creates a read node with the latest plate of the current shot from the plate folder.

How you get the plates from the client into the shotfolders really depends on how the client sends the plates to you. Usually a custom python script is the best option for that.

1- thanks, i read the answer same day. i have been testing multiple scanarios and getting more familiar with prism meanwhile.
2- in my case, i find, best way is to keep all shots in one folder . Need little help as starting point. can you point to similar script ( if available openly) or some psudo steps to accomplish this.

I don't have an example script for that, but if you have some python knowledge it shouldn't be too hard to do using these steps:

You can add some code in the script in the .nuke folder. First you need to add a new menu item for example like this:

The function which gets triggered by clicking this item would get the current filepath of your nuke script, for example like this: nuke.root().name()
Based on this path you can use the "os" module in python for example to go up one folder and into a "plate" folder. That's how you can get the filepath of the plate.
With nuke.createNode("Read") you can create a new read node and set the filepath of the plate in the file parameter.