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Variables not resolving



I am a bit confused about using variables with houdini. Only $PRISMJOB resolves to the right folder, all the others just give me a blank path.



so for example this is resolving the first part, then in assetpath I get //geo/$HIPNAME.....


I feel like I am missing something obvious, but I cant figure it out.






If $PRISM_ASSETPATH resolves to nothingg then your scenefile is probably either saved in a shot or outside of the project.

$HIPNAME is a default Houdini variable and Prism doesn't modify it. If it doesn't work there must the something wrong with your Houdini session. Does it evaluate if you only have $HIPNAME in the string parameter and nothing else?

Hi Richard,


The scene is saved in a shot. Whats the proper variable to use in this situation? I woud like to put the caches in the export folder.


It would be something like this:


If you are not using the State Manager you have to set the task and version yourself.