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Use of preset for export in Maya

Hi all,

First of all, than you for the tool, it worked out of the box at my first attempt

currently in phase of testing  the pro and cons and i have a question/request

the problems of parameter exposure for export is a key, what does Prism do now ? it use preset of export determined by the user or a in-Prism set of preset ?

is there any way to easily expose FBX preset, or add the user preset accessible in the state manager window ?


second question, is Prism open source ? to be able to share some development with the community ?


have a nice week end !

Hey @jex,

Yes Prism is open source. You can find the fbx export code here:

Feel free to modify it to your needs. There are many different export options and exposing all of them in the State Manager is quite a bit of work. So for now I focussed on exposing the most important ones, but I'm open to add more if it's beneficial to a lot of users. You can change settings in the code of your local Prism version if they are very specific to your studios workflow.