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Transcode setup

It would be realy nice if Prism would get a Transcode workflow which allows you to create shots and renders the plates for the shots from applications like nuke studio or resolve. Furthermore it would be cool if Prism not only create the shots in the pipeline but also create comp scripts with the specific plates in it in the same step automatically. The Transcode workflow should handle colorspaces, Handels at start and end of the plate and should give the opportunity to choose default comp Layouts to create.

For VFX focussed studios this would be very usefull, but also very specific and hard to implement. There are so many variables like in which format are the plates, which comp and editing tools are used by the studio, which colorspaces and comp presets are preferred... I think it would be a lot easier to automate this workflow for a specific studio pipeline where these questions are already decided than trying to automate this in the official Prism version and keeping it flexible enough that it would work for everyone.

But the idea to create a default comp for every shot should be easy to implement and many people would find this usefull.