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Tips on Prism settings override

Hi Richard,

You mentioned a couple of times that it is possible to add a script somewhere in prism to override settings. For example I would love be able to override the playblast setting to save it locally to always be on, lock it even, so that it is not possible to put uncompressed playblasts on the shared workspace. Also I would like to disable the "copy to global" that happens whenever a publish is made, as it is filling up a lot of space (I manually go through all the assets and delete the scenefiles that are on the shared folder)

Could you point me in the right direction?


Modifying the playblast settings can be done with a Prism plugin. Since there is no documentation for that it's not very easy to do this. So I created a example plugin for you, which already does what you need.

Currently there is no way to prevent that the scenefile gets copied to the global folder with a plugin. You would need to remove a line from the file. What you can do in a plugin is to delete the scenefile after it was copied. I added this to the plugin, too.

The plugin is called "SettingsOverride". You can place the "SettingsOverride" folder in you Prism installation directory under \Plugins\Custom or in your Prism project under \00_Pipeline\Plugins

Have a look at the "onStateCreated" and "onPublish" function in the file.

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Dude, thank you so much! That is really great!