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Timeline and Roadmap?

Hi Richard,

Is there a timeline or roadmap for development for Prism 2? We were hoping that the release would be at the end of last year as per your original statement that it may be around November '21. As there were integration issues with Blender 2.93 / 3 due to the python update from what I recall , it meant us either resolving to a different pipeline tool or holding off upgrading, but as we don't know your timeline for release, its difficult to plan. Please advise.



Hey Pete,

the timeline and roadmap for Prism 2 is changing constantly, which makes it difficult to give you release date. The planned release date got delayed a few times already, but Prism 2 has already much more features than originally planned.

If you want to use Prism with the latest Blender versions I recommend you to join the beta for Prism 2. It runs pretty stable and many studios are using it production already. Send me a mail to if you want to join the beta.



Done 🙂

Hey Pete!

Great to hear about features of Prism 2.0, I´ve already sent you an email weeks ago about being in 2.0 Beta, It will be great!


Thank you,

Rodrigo E.

Picma Creative Post

I too just sent an email for 2.0 beta access