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Task Metadata & Versioning

Hi Richard

Not sure if this has been requested before.

#1 : Reverting back to an older version.

Current workflow:

Task version is independent of the scene version from which it was created. - This seems to be okay as long as I don't have to go back and try to revert back to an older version of the scenefile. Often this starts out as narrowing down to the task render that I want to go back to.. but after that.. I have no way to know which scene file version was used to generate this output. This makes the process of going back to the desired version more of a hit and trial.

Suggested workflow:

Two ways this would be easier to do - if the task had metadata which immediately displayed which scenefile version was used to generate this task. Or - if the task version numbers used a minor versioning scheme - "v0012.1"


#2 : Task category/Step Metadata/Filtering

Current Workflow:

Right now, all the tasks are bunched up together under the shot/asset. There is no way to know which task was generated from which pipeline step or category.

Suggested Workflow:

Tasks to maintain context of which step/category they are associated with. And to be able to maybe (A) filter tasks by either simply selecting the step/category or (B) Having a filtering checkbox below the tasks list (something on the lines of SHOW ALL) which can help show either filtered tasks or unfiltered (all) tasks under the shot.


Thanks Again!


Hey @voxume thanks for the feedback,

  1. The source scenefilepath is already saved with the render versions. You can doubleclick a version in the version list in the Project Browser to see the meta data or select it from the context menu. With a little scripting it's also possible to use the scenefile version as the rendering version.
  2. Currently a task is not associated with a category. You could write from scenefiles in different categories into the same task. So I cannot simply add a filtering to the UI. I'd need to change how the task are handled in Prism. But I agree that tasks should be children of categories and not of shots as it is currently. It's a bigger change, so I won't be able to change that immediately, but I'll take a look at it in the coming months. Probably I'll implement it that you select a category to see it's tasks. If you select just the shot without a category it would show the tasks from all categories in that shot. So you'd have the best of both worlds.